Oh What a Night

Part One

December 31, 2019

Two days ago, I was told I had plans with Sir and Tripp for New Year’s eve. I was told I would be given orders the following day. Yesterday, I woke up to a note left by Tripp which stated that I was to be cleaned out, dressed in what would be laid out for me, and be in the car at 7 pm.  

This morning, I got my pubes, cock and balls, and ass freshly waxed. I do this monthly because Sir prefers His slave shaved and the hairs get caught in my cage anyway. I went to the gym in the early afternoon. When I got home, I found my black leather body harness, a full leather hood, chaps, a leather jock, my 20 inch Wesco Jobmaster boots, a 3 inch ball stretcher, and the XXL WMCBP plug laid out for me. Around 4 pm I started getting cleaned out. We have a shower shot in the playroom bathroom (it was a playroom for many years, now its kind of like the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter where everything goes to be forever lost). It wasn’t specified if I should be “fuck” clean or “fist” clean, so I erred on the side of caution. I spent about 50 minutes making sure everything was good down there and then gave it an hour to double check. “Fist” clean is a long process. I showered and gave my cage a good clean. I inserted the plug and then got dressed as required. I made sure I was in the car at 7. Wrist and ankle shackles were placed on me and we set out for my Master’s dungeon. I was nervous and my cock was far from hard.

When we arrived, Tripp and I approached the dungeon door (it’s set up in a garage space). Tripp’s collar was still on me. I reminded Tripp that Sir does not like me to wear any collar but His in His presence. Tripp nodded and told me not to worry. I very hesitantly told Tripp that Sir requires me to “present” at the door and I was feeling uncomfortable doing it with Tripp there. “Do what you normally do”, Tripp told me. He hugged me and told me he loved me. I kneeled on the concrete, my hands already shackled behind my back, stuck my chest out and bowed my head. “Ready”, I told Tripp and he knocked on the door.

When the door opened, my Master was standing there resplendent in His boots, chaps, leather jock, His upper torso harness, arm bands and Muir cap. Tripp was dressed in his usual Brookes Brothers preppy casual look. Sir and Tripp greeted each other and chatted for a few moments until he was invited in and I was ordered in. My protocol with Sir is very strict. I entered, immediately kneeled down again, and kissed His boots. I was shaking. I was so nervous to be doing this in front of my husband, I’m always somewhat embarrassed about displaying my kink in front of people (I’m working on it). I was very, very worried about Tripp seeing his husband being a slave. It concerned me that I would not be able to get into the right headspace if I was constantly worrying about Tripp. As I rose from Sir’s boots and nuzzled his jock, Sir and Tripp were just casually chatting. I was almost an afterthought, and that significantly reduced my anxiety. Sir then added His collar to my neck. I was wearing both collars! “Now you belong to both of us”, Sir said. My cock swelled within its cage for the first time that evening.

Sir left me in presentation position and took Tripp into the house for a while. When He returned, he told me that W/we were going to spend some time alone, and that He would bring Tripp back later. My plug was removed and I was placed on “the stool”. Sir has a step stool with a trailer hitch plug attached in the middle, and tie down points at each corner. After I was seated, Sir attached the shackles to the tie downs, removed the hood, and placed a penis gag in my mouth and a blindfold on me. The thing about the gag is that it is just big enough that swallowing becomes difficult and I get very slobbery.

After a while, when Sir felt my mouth was wet enough, he removed the gag and put his cock in my mouth. It was soft. I love sucking Sir’s soft cock and feeling it grow inside my mouth. I sucked him until he was hard and moaning. I get so lost in His cock when I’m sucking it. I wanted his load in my throat and I swallowed his cock deep trying to get it, but that was not to be. He removed his cock, undid my shackles, removed my harness, and led me to the cross. Leather wrist and ankle restraints were placed and I was tied to the four ends of the cross. I felt Sir draw a “heart” shape on my back with a Sharpie. “Your husband wants to learn how to flog you”, Sir said and then left to get Tripp. I was left alone with my thoughts, bound tightly to the cross, my cock pressing hard against the metal of my cage, the base ring tight against my body, waiting…

End of Part 1


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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