Tripping out

I refer to myself as occasional property . Three years ago, my relationship with Sir evolved into a Master/slave dynamic. I’m married and Sir has His own solid relationship, so W/we never intended this to be 24/7/365. Sir does text me orders and W/we see each other fairly regularly, however. The change was more psychological than anything else, although Sir did want to exert more control over some aspects of my time away from Him.

Sir has always said that my marriage comes first, then my career, and then Him. We each bring something to the table and we each get out of it what we need, and it works for U/s. Sir was adamant that I get Tripp’s permission before we moved forward and I always try to keep Tripp in the loop. He offered to talk to Tripp himself, but I wanted to tell him first.

This was at a time before Tripp and I had begun to change our relationship, before I was locked full time, before Tripp started to become more dominant, and when our sex life was essentially on life support. Sir was my only outlet for bdsm (well, to be honest, for anything besides jerking off and an occasional blow job from my husband).

Sir wanted me collared, plugged, and locked more often, even when I wasn’t with him. He would text me with tasks to do, such as putting on tit clamps or wearing a ball stretcher. Because these changes were going to invade some of my time with my husband, I knew this was going to require a discussion with Tripp.

Tripp was out of town that week and we talked every day by phone. I told him what had happened with Sir and I (naively) assumed that would be the end of the matter. “We will discuss this when I get home”, Tripp replied somewhat angrily.

To be fair, Tripp was probably at his lowest point in quite a while. His medical conditions were progressing and he had just started on an insulin pump.

When Tripp got home, he was not happy. “I know you need this, but I’m pissed” he said. I was honestly surprised. In my mind, this wasn’t that big of a change. I think in Tripp’s head, he thought I was drifting away from him. “Why do you want to do this?” he asked. I thought about that for a bit. I have a very demanding life. I have a business with demanding clients, a husband with chronic medical issues, employees who need to be paid, little time to myself most days, and stress from multiple places. When I am a slave (for the few hours a week I am), I can take a vacation from my life, tune out all the worries and burdens I carry, and focus on a single thing: pleasing Sir. All the other times, my brain is spinning at 1000 rpm, but for a brief moment, its quiet and that keeps me sane, and that’s exactly what I told Tripp. Plus, I really missed kink.

“Okay”, he said, “I get that. I know you need that, but I do not want you bringing any of that home with you afterwards and if I see you wearing any jewelry or symbols or see pictures of you in a collar at some leather event, I’m going to have a big problem”. (Note: there are lots of pictures of me and a collared Tripp at leather events)

I agreed to that. Sir agreed to that. Tripp would always know when I had “play dates”, but otherwise I kept all the details quiet.

All was well for many months. Tripp got comfortable with the situation. He even started joking about my being plugged so often (“You whore” he said in his best Southern patrician/Blanche Deveraux voice). And then he started getting curious.

“You’re always so quiet when you get home from Him”, Tripp said. “You’re somewhere else for a while”. “Yes, it’s intense”, I said.

“Well, it seems to be doing you a world of good”, he said. “I’m happy you’re doing this”. Then he started asking more specific questions about my scenes, how I felt, what we did, etc. Trip started checking out what I was wearing for Sir, styling me as it were (nope, wear the other jock and these boots are better…he has a better eye for that than I do). He started asking about the bruises and marks, and seemed very interested in how they were made. Shortly after that, I asked Tripp to lock me and we had our heart to heart about changing our relationship.

At some point early this year, I mentioned to Tripp that Sir had long wanted to talk to him. Sir wanted to check in with him to make sure he was okay and wanted, potentially, to coordinate my use more closely with him. They set up a coffee date. Then another. Then they had dinner together. As Tripp became slowly more Dominant over me, they started to work together keeping me locked, denying my orgasms, dressing me, and plugging me. Tripp even bought me a beautiful collar that I wear for him.

So, when the texts started flying back and forth last week, I wasn’t concerned, but I knew something was up. Neither would tell me what was going on. Finally, on December 30th, Tripp told me I had plans for New Years Eve with him and Sir and orders that I would find out about later. That got my caged dick very hard, I will admit. I was excited but very, very nervous. Tripp has never seen me with Sir. He’s never seen me serve another as a slave, and soon he will.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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