500 days

On the day I am writing this, my cock will have been locked for a little more than 500 days. It’s probably been out of its prison for less than a cumulative 48 hours in that time (airport security , I get waxed down there, and I have an annual physical). But, holy shit, my dick has been in a cage for 500 days. That kind of blows my mind and it’s so far from what I thought this would be when Tripp first locked me.

500 is a nice round number. Like the Indianapolis 500 or 500 miles, it seems to signify something important. I don’t have a chastity goal and I’m not going to commemorate this by waving my unlocked cock all over the place, but I’m proud of my achievement.

When Tripp locked me, we just thought we would see how it goes. I thought maybe he’d lock me for a few weeks at a time, but once it went on, it never really came off. Contrary to most chastity porn, I was the one more resistant to having my cage removed. If I’d wanted it, I could have gotten paroled. Initially, Tripp wasn’t really sure he liked locking me. It was my fantasy, not his. Eventually he told me he liked what it did to me. It took 4 months of continuous lockage before he decided he preferred me locked.

Chastity porn is entirely fantasy. It is hot to imagine some demanding Master would forcibly lock my dick against my will to subjugate me, deny me, and force me to serve him. It’s particularly hot for a switch who has always had sub tendencies such as myself. Those of us who are locked are probably mostly submissives and that porn is hot because that is what we wish would happen, because we want it to. Honestly , no device is 100% secure and there are times when it is very annoying, so you have to want to do this to do it for more than a few weeks. Porn is amazing (I love porn), and I do love when Tripp talks dirty about my being locked. It’s brain porn, but it’s not reality (sorry guys).

Being “kept” is a lovely idea, but it’s not what keeps me locked. There are several reasons why I want my cock to stay in its’ cage. First, it’s a 24/7 reminder that I’m a kinkster. I wear it all the time. I wear it out in public. I wear it at work. I sleep in it. I can’t “unwear” it if it’s uncomfortable without permission and a key. Even if no one else besides Tripp knows I’m locked, I know its there. It’s my kinky secret. As you know, I lost my kink during the “dark” years when Tripp and I stopped having sex. I’m reclaiming it now.

Second, it is a constant reminder that my cock is owned. I am reminded that I do not control how and when, or if, my cock gets used or I get an orgasm. I could probably not jerk off unlocked. I probably don’t need a cage. It’s an incredibly powerful entrance into sub-space, though. I’m not naturally submissive. It’s not easy for me to get in that head space.

Third, it’s a symbol of my commitment to submission. Like my ring is a symbol of commitment to my marriage, the cage is my symbol of submission. I committed to becoming Tripp’s sub, and I want to honor that.

Finally, I happen to love metal things on and in my body. I love the way the cage feels around my cock. I just love the way it looks on my cock. I love it when the base ring tightens as I get aroused. It just turns me on.

As I enter into the next 500 days, I’m happy where things are going. We’re not my ideal Dom/sub relationship. I’m not the perfect sub and Tripp is far from my ideal Dom, but we are evolving and I feel it’s working. We’ll see how I feel at 1000 days.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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