Maybe Next Year

My penis has not been used since 2018. I’ve not been unlocked for more than a brief period in well more than a year. The last time it was used I had set up the sling. Tripp had been feeling pretty good that entire week and I wanted to play in his ass and make him come. He had agreed to lock me about 3 months prior and I wanted to make him feel good. Once he was settled in, I rimmed him. I got my tongue in there so deep I may have tasted his tonsils. I fingered him, and then slowly began stretching his hole like I used to. He was moaning and squirming and I got very hot and bothered. I wanted to slip my fist in him, but he wasn’t up for that. After a good while, I grabbed a strap on and went to work pegging him. I was so excited I almost came in my cage. I could feel the orgasm building. He came though, which was the whole point of the evening. This was for him as a thank you for locking me. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen to me. Tripp doesn’t let me play in his ass much anymore, so I wanted it to be special for him.

Tripp decided he wanted my come in him. He told me to get the key for him and he unlocked me. I’d like to say I was hard as a rock, but I wasn’t. It felt weird being unlocked. Even though I was hard in my cage the entire evening, I lost my stiffy when the cage came off. I’d gotten so used to being locked and it was becoming so much a part of my identity already that it felt wrong to be unlocked. I worried that I could no longer get hard without the cage. Tripp fondled me and my not so little dude did respond quite nicely, eventually. I fucked him with my actual dick and I came in him. That was my first unlocked orgasm since we started chastity, and it was also my last.

As of writing this, I’ll have been locked for more than 500 days. I keep track on an app, because I’m nerdy about stuff like that (I track days locked, any orgasms and whether they are caged or not, and days denied). I’ve been locked far less than many of my heroes (Dual Drew, Thumper, Tom), but longer than many chastity players. I’ve enjoyed playing with chastity for more than 20 years, so it’s not a new kink. I’ve just never been locked this long, and I couldn’t be happier.

The cage has become a part of me, like it’s always been there and always will be, and if it’s not, it feels very odd, very wrong. I totally get when Thumper describes how being locked is his normal and it’s how he thinks he always should have been and always will be, because I feel the same way. I think I am also wired for chastity. It’s comfortable. It feels right. I’ve liked it since I first became aware of it all those years ago, but I didn’t totally embrace it back then, probably out of fear. Also, being a Top and being locked are somewhat mutually exclusive. I don’t think I can describe it better than Thumper does. He posts about it a lot and does it better than I ever could, but I completely agree with him. Being locked is how I should be and I’m a better husband and a better human being because I am caged. It’s certainly made our marriage better.

Not so long ago, I told Tripp that I would like to fuck him with my actual penis again someday. He told me that he’d consider it, after I was locked a while longer. I love that man.


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