The Rules

I have rules now. When we started chastity, it was quite new to Tripp. As it became clear this was not a phase, and that we both liked what it was doing for us, I suggested that he might want to set down some ground rules. I’ve been the Dominant partner in our relationship since the beginning, and now we were changing that entire dynamic and it was working for us. I wanted to be a good sub for Tripp and as a sub, I like rules. I sent Tripp a link from denyingThumper, because Thumper has rules and why completely reinvent the wheel. I suggested Tripp might want to use that as a jumping of point. Boy, did he jump!

My rules are as follows:

• You will ask for permission to come and only come with permission.

• You must be caged at all times, unless I say otherwise

• When unlocked, you cannot touch your cock except for maintenance and swapping devices unless I tell you otherwise.

• If you have sex with someone else, you must always be locked, unless I make an exception.

• You’re allowed to edge yourself as long as you do not come.

• You are to use your best judgement in situations where being locked may not be appropriate. You will relock immediately afterwards. Rules for being unlocked apply.

So far, I’ve been a very good boy. I like my rules and I love that Tripp set them for me. I really don’t ever plan on breaking any of the rules. I gave up the keys a long time ago. I don’t even know where they are. If I need to unlock, Tripp gives me the keys and I return them promptly. There is an emergency key in a safe and Tripp will know if I ever use it. When I travel alone, I swap out to the Evotion plastic cage. I haven’t had any issues with security yet. When I travel with Tripp, he removes my Steelwerks before security and replaces it immediately after. Tripp trusts me and I don’t want to do anything to damage that trust. Tripp also knows how fond I used to be of sticking my cock into any available hole, his included. That being said, I like the power exchange of his controlling my cock and I love that he wants to and that he does not want me unlocked for longer than necessary. He likes his cock caged.

We’ve even added to the rules. He wants me plugged 5 days a week. I get to choose my days off. I’m not complaining. I’m sure the rules will change over time as this evolves (I just got a new one regarding dildo usage). He has reserved the right to change them, but as long as they’re his rules, I’ll obey them.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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