Sex Really Sent Me to the ER

Tripp broke my dick. It was 10 years ago and we were very sexually active. We fucked like bunnies (sorry Thumper). I could grab Tripp, bend him over, and fuck him pretty much at will in those days, and I did. I could also just push him down on my cock and he would happily suck it dry. God, I miss that.

I fucked him a lot. I fucked him in every room of the house. I fucked him in a model home once. I fucked him in the car. I fucked him (in black tie) in the bathroom at the Academy Awards reception at a fancy hotel (a client gave me tickets). I liked to fuck and he liked being fucked.

One evening, I was laying on the bed, hard and horny as usual. Tripp climbed on top of me and sat on my dick. I laid there, my hands on his ass, as he rode me, until there was a pop and I was suddenly in a lot of pain.

I have a nice dick. It’s nicely proportioned, with a large (but not too large) head. It’s straight but with a graceful slight upward curve like a swan. My dick has been described as pretty. When Tripp got off me, my previously pretty dick had a very large, very ugly purple swelling on the left side and was bent in the middle in a way it was most certainly not supposed to. I knew what happened.

I had a fractured penis. It’s not technically a fracture, because there’s no bone in a human penis (insert boner joke here), but that’s what it’s called. In reality, it’s a rupture of the tunica (the fibrous tissue surrounding the spongy blood vessels that engorge when you get hard). It’s associated with “vigorous sex” and it’s a surgical emergency.

So I had emergency dick surgery, which was not exactly what I was planning to do with my evening. I also had to not have sex for quite some time, and try not to have erections. It takes months for that tissue to heal. I had to think about Grandma and take cold showers a lot.

Thankfully, my cock healed nicely due to the timely intervention and you can barely tell anything happened. Whew. My cage would have come in quite handy back then.


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