Climbing the Walls

Being unlocked drove me crazy. A few weeks ago, Tripp and I were traveling on a very early flight and we were running late. He unlocked me when we got to the airport, but by the time we got through security we only had a short time to get to our gate. We ran through the terminal and boarded our flight with a few minutes to spare. Normally, I re-lock once we are through TSA, but we didn’t have time.

Once the fasten seat belt lights were turned off, I thought about locking back up. I didn’t because airplane bathrooms are disgusting in general and the screws are so tiny that I worried about dropping them on that gross floor if we hit any turbulence. Did I mention airplane bathrooms are gross? I cannot believe people go to them in their socks.

Once we arrived, I had a meeting to get to so we had little enough time to Uber to the hotel and then for me to go to my meetings, which took the entire rest of the day. When I got back, I was so exhausted that I passed out in the bed and was down for the count.

I woke up several times over the night because I was feeling so wrong for not having my cage put back on. I couldn’t sleep properly without the cage being there. It’s like a security blanket now. If I don’t feel metal around my cock, I feel naked. I didn’t even get a nocturnal or morning woody (I get them all the time when locked), because it felt so wrong being unlocked. I did not like it one bit.

I woke up for good around 6 am. Tripp was still sound asleep. He has my keys and he likes to put the cage on me (I also like him to do it), so I just waited. I very, very anxiously waited for him to wake up. Several hours later when he finally stirred, the first words I said to him were “please lock me”. I honestly couldn’t take being unlocked much longer. I had put the cock ring on already and handed him the cage. Of course, as he started to put my cage on, my dick decided it was time to get hard. He struggled a bit getting me all in there (he also decided to have some fun teasing my cock and even licked it a bit), but eventually the cage went on and I felt whole again.

I’ve spent the majority of my life unlocked, but have spent the last (almost) 2 years locked. The intensity of my desperation when unlocked was almost unnerving. It felt completely wrong for me. I felt serious anxiety without my cage securely attached to me. I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore. It honestly surprised me.

I realize now that there is no going back. I am a locked man and I need to be locked. While I don’t mind if Tripp wants to unlock me should he wish to use my penis, I do not want to be unlocked for any other reason. If I have to be (and there are times when I have to be), I need it to be as short a time as possible. Chastity had changed my brain and body image. Without my cage, I’m no longer who I think I am. I used to be self conscious about my cage. I’d wrap a towel around my waist getting in and out of the shower and while getting dressed. Now, the opposite is the case.

I think in the future, I’m going to ask Tripp to just put me in my Evotion cage before we go to the airport so I do not have to spend time unlocked. My new Steelwerks cage should (allegedly) go through the metal detector just fine as it is all titanium, but I know the Evotion cage does. My Old Steelwerks has gone through the carry on X-ray more times than I can remember with no issues whatsoever (not even a bemused grin). If I get somehow pulled aside by TSA, then they are going to see a proud locked man in his cage. I’d rather give them a show than be free range. Tripp may have a different opinion, and I will defer to him as it’s really his cock, but the one thing I am sure of is that I cannot stand being unlocked anymore.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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  1. Yeah, it really sucks being out. Especially after, as you point out, some of start to identify with its presence being more natural and normal than its absence.

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