I love electrosex. It’s one of my favorite kinks. I have a nice set up that I’ve used many times on boys (it’s got a remote control and everything!!). I also love having it used on me. Luckily, my Master is quite fond of it as well. He has a very fancy set up. The unit is about the size of a DVD player with lots of switches and dials.

My most recent scene involved an electro-sound and an electro-plug. Sir inserted the sound in my urethra and the plug in my ass (naturally) and hooked me up. He started slowly. Every so often, he would turn the power up and send new waves of intense pain/pleasure surging through me. He’d ask if I wanted more, and I’d said yes. In fact, I kept begging for him to turn it up on the plug. Eventually, all the begging was not resulting in any new stimulation. “It’s at the max, slave”, he said, and added “you’re such a fucking pig”.

I love that electrified plug. I love plugs full stop. Add electricity and make it fuck me by itself, oink, oink. I’m pretty experienced in electro, but my first experience was less than stellar.

I used to read my brother’s Penthouse Forums. If you don’t know, they published stories, allegedly sent in by readers, that were all kink-related. I read one story in particular when I was 13 that caught my attention. It described a couple that would tape an electrode from a model train transformer (safe because it was DC, so they said) and a penny to their ankles. They would turn up the transformer and when they would have sex, the electricity would flow through their bodies and give them intense pleasure.

This sounded very good to me. I happened to have a whole model train set up in our basement. I was very into trains (I still am, also airplanes). The article sounded very intriguing to my young kinky self, so I decided I would do it to myself. Having only recently discovered masturbation, this sounded like it would make it even better! I taped a penny and a lead from the transformer to each ankle with cellophane tape. Expecting to feel amazing, I turned up the transformer and damn near electrocuted myself (well, shocked myself at any rate). I must have jumped six feet. Luckily, the wires came off when I was airborne. Rather than the expected intensely erotic experience, I had two welts were I had taped the pennies. I don’t know what I was expecting. I don’t know what I was thinking back them. Honestly, sometimes I’m surprised I survived my sexual childhood.

I’m happy to report that I once recreated that scene successfully. Now that I actually knew what I was doing, I placed a strap electrode (with gel) around my cock at the base and one around Tripp’s. As I fucked him, I gradually increased the power. It worked very nicely. Maybe I should write into Forum. I’d have a story to tell them. If you’re thinking about doing this yourself, take my advice: you need two bodies, and don’t use a model train transformer. 🤪


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