You Could Swim in That

In the beginning, Tripp was impressed by how many times I could come in a day. It was not unusual for us to have sex two or three times per day, and my very reliable cock would rise to the occasion with startling rapidity. I could fuck him, get soft in his ass, then get hard again without pulling out and fuck him again. It’s my greatest talent.

Now that my penis is no longer free range and doesn’t get used particularly often (once in the last 1.5 years) and my orgasms are only monthly, Tripp has found some new things to be impressed by. The first is distance. When he makes me come hard, I can shoot quite far, even while caged. This isn’t actually a new phenomenon for me. When I get very aroused, my orgasms are rather forceful. I actually came so hard on a kneeling boy once that I knocked him over. I’ve been known to hit the headboard when jerking off in bed. One of Tripp’s games is now to get me really excited and see how far I can shoot. He seems disappointed on the days my come doesn’t make it very far. I can’t control it. It’s multifactorial, but it usually involves getting me very turned on before an orgasm. Also, since the majority of my orgasms are vibrator induced, it has to hit just right at just the right time to make me shoot for distance. It’s easier for me to achieve that manually and sadly, that’s just not an option anymore.

The other thing Tripp has taken an interest in is volume. When I was ejaculating multiple times a day, eventually the jizz volume would decrease substantially. When he denies me, obviously the volume increases. After a month, when he makes me come, it’s practically a flood. He’s genuinely impressed with the amount of come I can produce (and the number of towels it takes to clean me up). After my epic 235 day come free stint, he told me I could have filled a small pool. I love seeing his face when buckets are pouring out of me. He seems supremely satisfied.

Given how much he likes it, I’m hopeful that the denial periods will be extended. He’s probably not going to let me go another 200+ days, but I think he’ll hold out longer than a month. He’s going to collect it in a little Pyrex measuring cup to see how much I’m making for him. I’ll probably want to start charting it, because I’m a nerd and it’s SCIENCE! Since I am no longer allowed to ask him not to make me come, I figure I can ask him to go for a new volume record. It’s for science after all. 😇


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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