The Tripp Card

Sir doesn’t read this blog, so I’m counting on all of you not telling him this, but sometimes when I’m feeling a bit resistant to some of Sir’s desires, I pull out my free pass, the Tripp card.

Because I’m not Sir’s full time slave (He has fractional ownership, I’m a time share slave), He doesn’t have the final say on all things related to what He does with my body. He can’t alter my appearance without an okay from Tripp. Tripp has never said no to anything that is not permanent. Tripp has firmly said no to any tattoos or other permanent symbols of Sir’s ownership, which I completely understand. I really do want to celebrate the end of Covid (when it comes) with a new tat, but that’s another story.

I started really getting serious about getting back in shape about 2 years ago. Besides the obvious health benefits, I really wanted to have a body that pleased Sir. I watched everything I ate, I hired a trainer, and I hit the gym 3-4 times a week. I made some serious progress. My body fat dropped significantly and I put on muscle. Sir likes muscle boys. While I’m never going to be huge (I’m not genetically capable of massive muscle), He was very pleased with my body. As I started getting bigger, Sir wanted to alter my body hair landscape. I’m already shaved down below for him (with Tripp’s blessing). He started by neatly trimming my chest hair. As things progressed, he started talking about shaving. He wanted to shave my chest and pits. He wanted me to shave my arms and legs. Essentially, He wanted me hairless from the neck down. I admit, the idea intrigued me. I want my body to please him. He is very turned on by smooth muscle boys, but I don’t relish the idea of the time and effort that it would take to stay that way (I’m fairly blessed in the body hair department), so I played the Tripp card.

I told him Tripp would probably not let me do that and Sir dropped it. The thing is, I didn’t ask Tripp. I’m pretty sure Tripp would not prefer me that way, in fact I’m 100% sure, but I didn’t ask. Tripp likes my hirsute-ness. I know him well enough to know that me being smooth is not on his radar, but still, if Sir had shaved me, Tripp would have understood. He’d likely have teased me about it, but I doubt he’d have been upset.

I rarely do this with Sir. In fact, I’ve only done it once before. It’s not a lie, because I know what the answer would be, but it’s not completely honest either, because I didn’t ask Tripp. I do feel a bit bad about this, but honestly it’s just too much work for the amount of time Sir has ownership of me. Hell, keeping up with my pubes and nutsack is time consuming enough.

It’s a moot point now, since I haven’t gone to the gym in months and I’ve gained 10 pounds of fat and probably lost 10 pounds or more of muscle. I’m back to square one in the fitness department. I got depressed and stopped doing any home workouts, and I pretty much went to pot, body wise. It’s much harder to gain muscle at my age than it was when I was young, and it’s way too easy to gain fat. That muscle boy physique I was developing has pretty much disappeared over the last several months, and it’s not likely to reappear anytime soon. I’m not going back to the gym until there’s a vaccine. I have started back up on my home exercise routines, but it’s not going to build muscle like I did before. I’m just going for losing the fat I’ve accumulated.

But I digress. I’ve decided that when I get back to a physique that I am proud of, I’m going to actually ask Tripp if Sir can shave me, assuming Sir still wants to. I’ve also promised myself that I will not play the Tripp card again. I’m just going to put myself in their collective hands and let it be what it will be. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Sir and I am really missing the control that He has. It’s not fair to either of us to not let Him have the ownership He deserves and to let Tripp actually make the decision, even if it’s one I don’t particularly like. It’s good to have a goal.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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