@puphermes has been locked for almost 3 weeks now. To listen to him, you’d think it had been 3 years, but for all his whimpering, he’s sticking with the program.

I have to admit I have been thoroughly enjoying owning his cock. I think, if pressed hard enough, he would admit that too. As someone who has locked boys previously, I had forgotten how much fun it can be. And it’s all about that isn’t it? Having fun. There’s a reason it’s called chastity play.

The other day I sent him the PA lock from my old Steelworxx cage. His current cage doesn’t have an integral locking PA like Steelwerks does. Without some way to secure the cock, one can pull out of pretty much any device on the market. He’s been complaining that he can pull out (he hasn’t pulled out to the best of my knowledge). Today he locked the PA in place and once those keys are securely in his lock box, his chastity experience will be taken to another level. It’s one thing to have a cage on you, it’s another thing to know there is no way out without your KH’s permission. It’s just that much more of a mind fuck that way, particularly for a “remotely” locked boy.

Both of our cocks have been hard more often as of late. His, because he is realizing a dream he has, mine because I am helping him get there and my Dominant side is expressing itself with a vengeance. I am finding this thoroughly fulfilling. We do have plans to meet soon, where I’m going to fit my old Steelwerks on him and see how it goes. Everyone deserves to be #lockedinwerks, but only one pup I know has a Daddy with an extra cage lying around.

Did I mention that he calls me Daddy? He does. He calls me Sir as well, but Daddy is a more natural fit for him. I’m totally fine with that, although I do feel more like a Sir as a Dom, personally.

I am also thoroughly enjoying getting to know him more intimately. He’s been opening up more and more to me and I am glad he feels comfortable and trusts me enough to do so. If nothing else, he’ll always have a friend in me, a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to listen when he needs it.

As things progress, he may be making a guest appearance here on the old blog. I’ve asked him to write something if he feels so inclined. Of course, I get the final edit 🤣

Here’s a photo of his newly secured cock:

Double Locked Puppy

I am a lucky man, if I say so myself.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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