The Pup, The Playroom, and The Freakishly Large Hands

I slept quite soundly the night I met the pup. In fact, I slept very soundly. I guess it was a sort of mini-vacation and I didn’t realize how much stress there has been lately. I did get a bit stressed when I realized I didn’t have the new Netflix password. I was deep in the Great British Baking Show and I was terribly worried that Mark’s crust might have a soggy bottom. I texted Tripp and he didn’t answer. I called him and left message after message. I was getting quite worried. Turns out my husband got a new iPhone 12 (which he conveniently neglected to tell me about) and was setting it up. My mind immediately went to him being dead in a ditch somewhere. Grrrr.

I awoke quite refreshed and following some coffee and croissants, each of us headed to the shower to get cleaned out for the day I had planned. We headed over to @jockdgear’s. He had previously agreed to let me use his play space, which was conveniently open air. We all spent some time in his lovely yard and ordered lunch, and then he took us over to his playroom, gave us the nickel tour, and left us to carry on. It wasn’t long before the pup ass was in the sling and my fist was in said ass. We got quite a nice rhythm going, and I could feel the pup reaching an anal orgasm. He got several of those from me. He spent a fair bit of time in the sling before we took a break. I tried to set up the fuck machine, but that was a challenge that didn’t go so well.

I had already invited @jockd to have a go. He joined us after doing some work. Now, one thing you need to know is that @jockd has very large, I mean really large, almost freakishly large hands (he also has size 14 feet). For a fist pig like the pup, this is heaven. I have large-ish hands, and I know how to fist an ass, but when those giant hands impaled the pup, the look on his face was priceless. Somewhere between shock, surprise, horror, and absolute pleasure. I was quite happy to sit back and watch.

Finally, it was @jockd’s turn. That man can take a lot in his ass. The pup has medium hands. With the pup’s hand in, I slid my hand in next to his and interlaced our fingers. We held hands in @jockd’s ass as the pup then slid his other hand almost all the way in. That man had 3 fists in him. We made him come from it.

Following that, some cocktails, and the obligatory @steelwerks group photo, those 2 youngsters went back and started playing with toys. I mean, I don’t think I ever had that kind of stamina.

We finally bid a fond farewell and headed back to our room to get dinner, but we were far from finished. More on that later…


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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