The Collaring

It’s been a little less than a year since my relationship with Sir ended. I’m just starting a potential relationship with a new Sir (fingers crossed), but he’s already mentioned a collar and that got me thinking about the last time I was collared (also, it got me hard, but that’s beside the point).

For many years , I was “collared” by Sir, but only when we were together. I wore a collar as a symbol whenever I was with Him. He liked seeing me in it, and He liked me showing it off. He put collars on all His boys when He played with them. Once, when we went out to eat, I tucked it under my t-shirt. That got me a stern reprimand and a smack on my ass. So, I wore it whenever I was in His presence and I showed it off. The collar was to be displayed. It definitely makes one feel their submission more when collared, even if it comes off at the end of the day.

I’ve written about my transition to His slave. I called Him Master once during a scene instead of Sir. I didn’t think He noticed. Afterward, as He sat on the couch and I took my position on the floor between His legs, He mentioned it. As He ran His fingers through my hair and gently played with my nips, we talked about my becoming His slave. There was a lot of discussion about expectations and also about needing to talk to Tripp about it. We talked about my chastity becoming “long term”. We talked many hours, but I knew that it was right for me. Becoming His slave didn’t just “happen”. It was discussed at great lengths between all involved, but when all agreed it was possible, He wanted it. Tripp agreed reluctantly, but eventually he was on board with it, as he knew I needed it.

With Sir’s decision to take me as His slave, and Tripp’s agreement, my transition from sub to slave was set. Sir instructed me to be at His dungeon door at 7 pm the following Friday, locked, naked, and kneeling. I figured He had a ceremony of some sort planned. He also had me drop the keys to my cage off at His house ahead of time, as per usual. I arrived as instructed, texted my arrival, stripped (the entrance is behind a gate, so it’s private), got on my knees, hands behind my back, head bowed, and waited. After about 15 minutes, the door opened. “Welcome slave” I heard. That was the first time He called me slave. “How do you greet your Master, slave?” He asked. I started to move my mouth towards His crotch. He stopped me. “Boots, slave”, He said. I got down lower and licked His boots. “Good slave” was the response. I licked them until He told me to stop. He pulled me back to my knees, then lifted my chin so I was staring at Him. He was wearing His harness, a leather jock, chaps, arm band, and Muir cap. He had a broad grin on His face. He blindfolded me and then led me into the dungeon. He told me to kneel once He led me to where He wanted me to be. I did as instructed.

I knelt, naked and blindfolded for several minutes and heard Sir moving about a bit. Eventually, Sir removed the blindfold. I was on the mat in the center of the dungeon and there was box on the floor in front of me. He had turned off some of the lights, so that only the center of the dungeon was illuminated. He told me to open the box. Inside was a heavy chain collar and padlock (larger than the collar I typically wore with Him). The key was in the padlock. “Becoming my slave is your choice?” He asked. “Yes Sir”, I responded. “You are sure?” He asked. I told him yes.

“As a slave, you belong to me. You have no limits or safe words. You can ask for a break, and you will tell me if you have any problems, but you no longer have a say in what happens to you. Do you understand?” He asked. “Yes Master”, I replied. “It is your choice to accept the collar, slave. I want you to put it on, lock it, and hand me the key. It is the last choice you will make”, He told me. I felt the weight of the collar in my hands, and the growing pressure in my cage. This wasn’t a collar, this was HIS collar. No one had worn it before, and it would always be on me to identify me as His slave.

As I slipped the collar around my neck, it felt like it was meant to be there. I locked the padlock, and held out the key with both hands for Him. He took the key, leaned down, and kissed me. He then led me to the fuck bench, put me on it and strapped me down. He stood in front of me and instructed me to “get Him hard”. I began to lick and suck my Master’s cock and I felt it grow in my mouth. “It’s time, slave”, my Master said, “I’m going to mark you as mine”. He went behind me, spit in my ass, and for the first time in all the years we had played, He pushed His cock into me without a condom. It was time. We were both negative and I was now on Prep, and I had wanted this. We had talked about it, and I had talked to my doctor a few weeks before.

As He thrust into me from behind, He pulled up on my collar, choking me, and asked “what are you?” “Your slave Sir” I yelled. “Who does this belong to?”, He asked. “You, Master”, I responded. He fucked me hard, almost brutally, and kept repeating the questions over and over. With a final deep thrust, He called me “his cunt” for the first time and came into my ass with a deep growl of satisfaction.

It was the first time I had been bred in 30 years. Tears of joy were streaming from my eyes. As I lay there strapped down and sobbing, I felt His cock at my mouth again. “Clean it off, slave”, I was instructed. I opened my mouth and took His cock, along with His seed and whatever of my ass juice was there into my mouth. It was heaven. I don’t know how long I sucked Him, but He started to grow hard again. I sucked Him until He gave me the honor of a second load.

He took me off the bench, gave me water, and wrapped His arms around me tightly. We stayed that way for quite some time. “Thank You Master” was all I could say. And He was my Master. I was owned and I was happy. I kept touching my collar, making sure it was really there and this wasn’t some dream. Later, I fell asleep in His arms. I went home the next day and, for the first time, Sir kept the keys to my cage.

Eventually, the collar became normal. I was used to wearing it, and like my cage, would feel odd if it wasn’t on me, which was rare. But even though I became used to having it on me, it was still a powerful reminder that I was His property for as long as He wanted it.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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