Part Deux

I couldn’t sleep last night. Even after 20 minutes of pounding my pussy and draining my prostate, I was still hungry and the cage was still at maximal pressure. Laying in bed, I just tossed and turned. Having four pounds of metal plug in my ass probably didn’t help, but I so wanted to feel my ass full. I just laid in the dark, my mind running to fantasies of being fucked over and over again, as my balls ached and my ass twitched.

Eventually, I gave up trying to sleep and knew I had to do something. I went back to the dildo I had previously used. I worked the plug out and lubed up the dildo, put its head at my ass opening and pushed. Despite having previously milked my prostate dry (I thought I had), I started leaking again. I worked my hole over and over, in and out and back again. I lost track of the time. My horniness was overwhelming.

At the point that my ass was starting to get sore, I began to have a feeling starting in my prostate and working outward to what felt like down deep in my balls. I pounded harder and the feeling got more intense. I got on top of the dildo and rode it so it would go deep. It’s long enough to reach my inner sphincter and when it passes that, the sensations are intense. With the dildo seated at least 10 inches inside me, and the feeling in my nuts growing and growing, I had what has to have been the most intense prostate/ass/whole body orgasm I think I have ever had. It kept getting stronger and stronger until my entire body just exploded. I may have even passed out because the next thing I knew my alarm was going off, I was laying on the bed, the dildo still partially in my ass, my cage covered with dried prostate juice.

I had enough time to clean up and shower, pull the sheets off the bed and throw them in the wash, and give my cage a thorough clean. My cock is still pretty hard today, but it’s much less distracting than it was last night. I think I’ll sleep well tonight.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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