So Close

I have a fuck buddy. We’re just friends with occasional benefits. He has a nice cock, and I need to be fucked, so every so often, when the stars align, we hook up. We catch up, maybe have a cocktail or three, and then he usually spends 15-20 minutes pounding my ass. We both get what we need.

We got together last Friday night. I’ve been particularly horny and, as you probably know, haven’t cum in well over 200 days, and was really, really ready for a good fuck. I’m fact, I was planning on just being naked and bent over when he arrived, but things didn’t go exactly to plan. He had other ideas.

He wanted my mouth first, so I sucked him for a while until he was solidly hard, and then he flipped me over on my back and spread my legs. I was ready to be impaled, but instead he got down near my crotch and ate my ass, which drives me wild. He was getting me good and wet for his dick and I was getting more and more desperate for it. Just as I was expecting cock in my hole, he put my cage in his mouth and then started gently licking my balls. Seeing him suck my cage and then feeling his tongue on my balls, I was one microsecond from cumming. And while I’m allowed to cum this way (caged, and not from penile stimulation), the problem is I wanted to be fucked, and after I come, I can’t be. An actual orgasm makes my entire body hypersensitive, and anal penetration goes from being insanely pleasurable to painful and unpleasant. Before I was locked, I used to tell my playmates to wait until the end to make me cum, because after I come, everything shuts down. Even kissing is painful for a little while. It’s like every nerve in my body had fired off and is saying “no more”. And it lasts for a while. I can be tied up for hours, but when I cum, I need out ASAP. Always been that way.

I literally pushed his head off my balls and had to squeeze hard to prevent an orgasm. I still came, but it was a ruined one, which is fine because it doesn’t change the way my nerve endings behave. But man, I absolutely would have shot across the room just from his tongue on my balls. I just wanted to be fucked more than having an actual orgasm and I didn’t think he’d be satisfied from just a blow job, no matter how good. Sex is really mostly in the brain, and the intensity of the sensations (even though they were gentle), the build up from his tongue in my ass, and seeing him put my cage in his mouth just overwhelmed me. As soon as his tongue touched my balls….BAM…I was a goner. This never would have happened before I was locked. It’s just one of the reasons being locked has changed my life, my body, and particularly my brain.


P.s. I got fucked good, he came, everyone was happy

Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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