24 Hours in a Kink3Ddesigns Cobra

I’ve seen this cage all over Twitter. Seems like everyone has one. I’m not typically a device reviewer, and I didn’t get this cage to review, per se, but I did get one.

I was talking with Chris, owner of Steelwerks, about a number of things. He recently made me a low profile, front locking PA because my bottom locking PA sometimes pinches me. Among the things we talked about, he suggested I should get a Cobra as my travel cage. I already have an Evotion 8, I replied. It’s great, it feels nice, it has an integrated PA, but it’s a 6 piece puzzle that is not easy to put on. Chris mentioned my new PA would work very well to lock on a cobra. So I thought about it, and I ordered one.

Why do I need a “travel cage”? Doesn’t the titanium go through metal detectors just fine. Well, yes, but I have 2 words for you: “body scanner”. Yup, sometimes at the airport, despite my global entry/trusted traveler/ultradiamond status, TSA shunts you through a scanner. I don’t want to have a Thumper experience of showing off my locked cock to TSA (well, maybe a little), so I prefer a device that can be put on and taken off easily. My trusty werks is not that. Believe me, you do not want to be fumbling and dropping screws in an airport bathroom. Same with the Evotion. It’s complicated and I drop pieces. I’m not allowed to be unlocked except for things like that, so I need a device that I can take off and put back on easily. I’ve gone through TSA locked, and I’ve been lucky, but I’ve been body scanned randomly too, so I just don’t chance it.

I went to the Kink3D website and followed the very straightforward instructions. They have a ton of great information that makes picking the correct cage for you easy (well, easier). While not completely custom, it’s very customizable with multiple cage lengths in 3 different widths (slim fit, standard, and extra girth), as well as numerous ring sizes also available in 3 different styles (thicker for the smaller testicularly endowed, standard, and anatomic”)

I know my base ring size and I know my flaccid cock length very well. I’ve been doing this a while. I ordered the standard base ring and the cage that should have been an exact fit for my flaccid cock. Ordering was simple and the cage arrived just a few days later.

First off, the fit and finish of the 3D printed nylon is impeccable. They do mention that some color might bleed in the beginning. My Evotion cage doesn’t do that, but it’s also a more expensive item. Putting the cage on was simple, though I did pinch myself in one of the side tabs (my fault, not a design flaw). The cage does tend to push the cock down (like the HT) more than I thought, which is an issue for guys like me who happen to have bull balls. In hindsight, I should have ordered the “anatomic” base ring. The cage is also a little bigger than the website suggests. Not so much as to be a problem, but I was a little surprised at the amount of extra length given I ordered a cage that should have been an exact to slightly tight fit.

One other issue (and this is just me), is the very open design. I did feel secure, but (and again, this is only me), I don’t like seeing the “contents”. Also, the cage widens where it connects to the base ring, which gives me a little more room at the base I didn’t love, though it did give my morning stiffy room to expand and kept the base ring from squeezing me, so maybe that’s actually a really great feature. But, as a grower, I did pooch out of all the open spaces in the cage. All of them. It did do its job of containing my erection for the most part. Most guys won’t care. It’s kinda fun in the beginning to see your penis fighting the cage, but for those of us who have moved past the idea of having anything but a fully enclosed cock, it’s a bit disconcerting. 99% of you won’t care and will probably be turned on by it. Should be easy to clean, but I don’t have any issues cleaning my fully enclosed cage either.

Because I’m an intrepid reporter, I also tested its “vibrability”. That is, can you cum from putting a vibrating device on the cage? Plastic cages in general have superior vibrability, and this one is no exception. I didn’t cum, because I am not allowed, but I could have, easily.

I think for most guys, as an entry cage, this device is amazing. It’s very low profile (other than the lock, which almost all cages like this have, and someone really needs to engineer a better solution). Some things I would suggest: if you have large balls, get the anatomic ring. I’m probably going to have to order one, because while my balls weren’t blue or painful, they were swollen and stayed that way, to the point of covering the end of my flow-through PA and things got a bit messy when urinating. I had to lift the cage to pee every time. There isn’t quite enough room for my huge sac between the standard ring and the bottom of the cage. Also, order a cage one size smaller than you think. They run a bit big.

One thing I did find odd for a 3D printed cage is that the smaller ones cost MORE. Yes, the design might be a bit more challenging, but once that’s done, it’s just a computer and a printer. Seems like less material should cost less. Not sure why, perhaps someone can explain that.

To Summarize:

Pros: excellent quality at an excellent price point, multiple options for fit, comfortable to wear, works well with a Steelwerks flow through locking PA (in fact, my 0 gauge PA fit just fine and the locking ball in front cannot slide back through the cage).

Cons: downward pushing which may not work for guys with big balls. Open design which may not be aesthetically pleasing for some, runs a bit bigger than they say in the website.

Overall, I think the Kink3Ddesigns cage is an excellent entry level cage and that most guys who are new to being locked or who only lock for periods of time will love this device. For me, I think it will be an excellent “travel device”, although I am absolutely going to have to get a different base ring. Still, other than puffy balls, I had no issues wearing it for 24 hours.

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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

2 thoughts on “24 Hours in a Kink3Ddesigns Cobra

  1. I’ve tried several of the kin3d cages and rings and have settled on the second smallest with the “XD” (wider) ring which for small balls fits really well. My issue with the larger cages from them is one of things you mention – the open concept of it. Too often I’ll get rubbing of cloth against the open spaces and that can be quit uncomfortable. I’ve asked them if they would consider a fully closed cage with just an opening at the end and they are not interested in that right now (I’d even pay more for a custom one).


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