I Know Why The Caged Boy Sings

Co-hosting our Chastity Chat space with @thumpermn (and his insightful questions) has really made me deeply ponder why, when I saw my first cage, I knew it was meant for me and why I’ve always wanted to be locked as a submissive, or rather why I have always only submitted to men who want meContinue reading “I Know Why The Caged Boy Sings”

Butt Plugery 101. Tips and tricks for long term plugging

I’ve had numerous requests for some tips on carrying a plug long term, as I’ve spent a good deal of time plugged for 12 hours or longer. Being plugged is an amazing experience. Feeling the fullness and the weight and the constant shifting movements in your ass as you go about your day with noContinue reading “Butt Plugery 101. Tips and tricks for long term plugging”

How to Own A Permanently Locked Sub: Second Semester

Wow, the original post took off like a rocket, and the feedback has been amazing. I didn’t realize how many subs and Doms are in a similar situation. There really is zero information about taking on someone in long term/permanent chastity. Everything out there is basically all about incorporating chastity play and spicing up yourContinue reading “How to Own A Permanently Locked Sub: Second Semester”

How to Own a Permanently Locked Sub

Note: my friend @thumpermn pointed out some significant similarities to a previous post he wrote. He has been a major influence in my life, so I want to give him full credit. It was not intentional, and I came to this from a different perspective and a recent experience, but yeah, he definitely deserves fullContinue reading “How to Own a Permanently Locked Sub”


I’ve been talking with someone. Someone who gets what is going on in my kink brain and who wants pretty much the same things, from the Top side. Someone who is as excited about me being locked as I am, who wants to keep me locked away, and who encourages and desires it as muchContinue reading “Maybe….”