Two of my friends and fellow bloggers had their accounts suspended by our host for “violating” their TOS. There is no information about exactly what those terms are. Both of those blogs have existed happily for years and both got shut down with no warning or explanation. One is back (The DrewDuality) and one is hopefully back soon (denyingThumper). So if you follow Drew, he’s back (yay!). Here’s a link to Drew’s new site:

http://thedrewduality.com/. Please be an adult before following the link.

I’m pretty sure this blog is in their sights. I have a lot of stuff to tell you about, as my previously mentioned “blahs” seem to have ended and my desires have come back stronger than ever. But that’s going to have to wait. I’m currently in the process of migrating to a new host for the blog, so I’m asking for all of you to just have a little patience while I make the move. I’m the meantime, I’m not going to write about anything on here that could even be remotely construed as adult content. This move should take a few weeks, so hang in there with me please. Love to you all.


What Ever Happened to Class?

I don’t spend time on the apps in general, but when I do take a peek on there, I’m astonished at what is considered appropriate behavior. The children are in trouble.

I realize I am of an older generation, but we were taught to always be polite. If you’re not interested, say “no thank you”. Be honest, but be polite. I see people saying “If I’m not interested, I’ll just block you”, or some short comeback like “nope”. How is this okay? Seems rude to me.

I don’t get how this is acceptable behavior. I know saying this makes me seem old (I am, but I’m not dead). I don’t see good things for society if people are just “blocked” or impolitely dismissed based on a few pics and a message. I would have been smacked upside the head for treating people that way. No wonder our current state of politics is acceptable to so many. I honestly fear for our future.

I know this isn’t the worst thing in the world, but geez, it’s a sign of the increasing crassness of people today. Just have a little class boys. Say hello, and say no thanks if you aren’t into it. You’ll find you will get much farther in life if you just have some decorum.

I get it. Online behavior is generally bad because the anonymity gives people leave to be rude. Folks feel free to be asses because there’s zero accountability. But that behavior shouldn’t be okay and I can’t see how it won’t somehow blend into real life. Just my two cents.

THANK YOU for listening to my rant.


Time flies

I haven’t written much in a while. I’ve kind of been off socials for a bit as well. I was in somewhat of a funk for a while, but honestly it was just life happening. We’ve been just incredibly busy and dealing with many of the curve balls life can throw at you. I’ve just been chugging along taking each day at a time.

Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just how it is. I’d love to report that I’ve been locked away in a dungeon somewhere for the past few months (I wish), but nothing nearly so interesting. I hadn’t even been updating my chastity tracking apps. So yesterday I figured I should catch up, and that’s when I found out…

I’ve gone more than a year without an orgasm. Whoa. Yup, over a year, and I didn’t notice. It’s not that I’m not allowed to cum, per se. It’s just I’m only allowed in certain circumstances, and apparently they just haven’t arisen. I haven’t even thought about it for quite a while. It was a surprise, albeit a pleasant one, as it’s long been a goal of mine. It’s been 398 days, in case you wanted an exact number.

I like orgasms. I like denial far more, and I like having that aspect of my life out of my control. If I’m told to cum, I will. No one told me! And so, I’ve gone longer than I ever have without realizing it, and without any thought about it. Funny, that. The previous record was about 260 days or so, and I thought I would explode (I kinda did when allowed). This one just snuck up on me. I guess I’m so used to it that I no longer think about it much. It’s also a commentary on the sad state of my sex life at the moment, but that’s another topic. However, if anyone wants to volunteer to bust my balls, I’m allowed to cum from that 😉.

It seems weird to me that so much time has passed with me being unaware of the situation. I guess after 5 years of being locked and denied, I’ve just gotten comfortable with it, or been too distracted by other things. Either way, I’m rather pleased. Maybe my last orgasm really was my last? Doubtful, but it’s good to have a goal.

Anyway, that’s all the news from here. Be well,


Show me the Money

There’s an internet meme I’ve seen a few times. It asks whether you would take $10 million or go back in time and fix all your mistakes. The answer’s easy, I’ll take the money. Why? Because if I fixed all my mistakes, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.

Mistakes are how you grow as a human being. I would be a very different Doc if I hadn’t made any mistakes. I’ve sure made some doozies in my time. There are a few things I wish I had done differently though.

First, and foremost, I wish I had accepted my homosexuality sooner. It was a very different time. It was the 80’s, and except for a few places, being gay was not accepted. Homosexuality was considered abnormal already, and then came AIDS. AIDS was a terrifying new disease and people wouldn’t even touch you if you had HIV. It was said it was gods punishment for homosexuality, even if anyone could get it. People were scared and irrational. It’s hard to come out when you’re bombarded with images of intolerance. I remember Ryan White, a child who got AIDS from a blood transfusion and the parents of other children didn’t want to allow him into school. A child…. And Matthew Shepard, who was beaten to death for being gay. I don’t think it was until Princess Diana hugged a child with AIDS that things started to change. She had a depth of compassion that was unequaled in the world and a platform to express it. She did more good in that one gesture than all the protesting and education could ever have done. Hell, Ronald Reagan never once mentioned AIDS. Being gay meant being unworthy. It was in this atmosphere that a young Doc was struggling to understand his sexuality. It was a very scary time to be a young gay man. Now we know that HIV was around since the early 20th century, but it it didn’t become a pandemic until the early 80’s. I just remember how scared I was to admit I was gay, and then having to go through a decade of watching so many deaths of people my age. It scarred me. Yet, I think it made me feel more compassion for other people struggling with their own issues. Still, I didn’t come out to my friends or family for a long time, and I was ashamed of it.

Second, I wish I had been locked much sooner. Oh sure, I started playing with it about 30 years ago, but it was just that, play (though to me, it was more than that). If I could go back to those days, I’d would like to have been less embarrassed about my desires to be locked. Of course, 30 year old Doc was always eager to stick his dick in someone, but still, it was exciting when I was locked for a few days. I could say the same thing about kink in general. I wish I had embraced it sooner. I wasn’t comfortable with my sexuality and I wasn’t comfortable with my kink, although I knew what turned me on. I just wish I hadn’t been so tentative about embracing it. I missed out on a lot. You have to understand the times. There was no internet, and the only community was the bars/clubs and the bookstores. Kink requires trust, and it’s hard to trust a pickup in a bar. Information was virtually nonexistent. It wasn’t until I moved to the Bay Area where I found a safer space to start to explore those desires. It’s a very different world today. There’s so much I know now that I wish I had known then (you can stretch your hole???). I would have had a lot more fun.

Lastly, there’s a few people whom I trusted that I wish I had known how unworthy of that trust they were. There was the abusive boyfriend, the business partner who stole from me and almost wiped me out, and a few others along the way. Still, having survived them, I think I’m a stronger, more resilient person. I made it through some awful experiences and rebuilt my life, several times. And now, I’m married (never thought that was even possible back in the day) to the love of my life, my business is successful, I’m (hopefully) respected in my field, and overall life is pretty good. I don’t think I would have realized how special Trip is if I hadn’t been in that awful relationship prior.

I have a lot of regrets, as do most of us, I suspect. But that’s the human experience, and those things are what make us who we are now. So, I’ll take the cash please.


Blah, blah, blah

I haven’t written much, mainly because I don’t have much to write about. I’ve just been feeling blah lately. I don’t feel sad, or depressed at all. I fact, I’m pretty happy overall. I have been extremely busy work wise, which may explain a lot of it, but otherwise I just seem to be in some weird zone of not feeling particularly much about anything.

I’m not interested in the porn I usually like. I’m not particularly horny. I’m not even thinking about sex lately, and I don’t know why. It seems to have been going on since CLAW in November. I had a fantastic time there. I didn’t go there looking for the sexual aspect. I went there looking for the social, and found it in abundance, which was fantastic, because I am actually extremely introverted. I have a hard time doing people. It’s exhausting, but I really did enjoy myself. Since then though, I’ve just have never seemed to recover. I don’t want to people. It’s like my batteries were drained and have yet to recharge.

I’m also feeling blah about chastity. I’m still locked, but (at the moment), it’s not really doing anything for me and I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because I’ve been feeling a bit like I’m on my own here right now. Oh, Trip’s fine and we’re fine, but he’s been less interested over time. It has been over 4 years after all. I don’t think he finds it all that exciting anymore. Being locked is more fun when you have a very invested KH, and maybe we’re just a bit too much on autopilot right now. Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t honestly know.

I’m sure things will change, eventually. I’ve just been so tired lately and I am not exactly a spring chicken (but I ain’t dead yet either). I’ve been feeling lazy. I haven’t been consistent with working out either. I had been being very consistent and been really pleased with the changes I’ve been seeing, but since we got back from the cruise, I’ve barely done anything.

I’ve got my annual physical coming up soon. I’m going to have to see if there is a physical reason for the blah, because there really isn’t an psychological one, other than 2022 being an incredibly stressful year, for a number of reasons I’m not going to discuss here.

In the meantime, please don’t be concerned. I’m fine. It’s just, for the first time in my life, I’m feeling maybe a bit asexual. It’s weird. There’s certainly a bit of chaos in my life right now and I am definitely a person who thrives on order. I don’t like juggling balls, and I’m juggling 17 of them at the moment. I feel a bit like I’m in purgatory, waiting on so many things that need to happen so I can stop juggling, and those things are not progressing satisfactorily (basically through waiting on others to do their part). It’s extremely frustrating to me. Yet wait I must. I know things will eventually be sorted, but I hate the chaos. Seriously, the sign on my desk says “drama free zone”. I’ll plod along until I get mojo back. I hope it happens soon.

Delayed Gratification: Doc and Trip’s Excellent Adventure

Trip and I booked a Caribbean cruise for March 2020. Yep, remember early 2020? Our cruise was scheduled to depart the day the “do not sail” order came out. We had already cancelled a few weeks before because we knew Covid was going to be bad, and we eventually rescheduled for last month. We love to travel. We aren’t “cruisers” per se, but we do love being on a ship, though we tend to do small ship cruises (such as Seabourn). This time we booked a larger ship because we found a very good value, and I have cruised with Celebrity in the past and have always had a pleasant experience. Read on for my thoughts on the trip (I want to be one of those travel YouTubers so badly). Our ship was only 60% full, so there were hardly any crowds or waits and we could pretty much walk into any venue at any time without a reservation, though the suites were completely full, so our experience there would be typical.

Trip: 10 night Carribean Cruise on board the Celebrity Edge

Embarkation: A lot has changed in the cruise world since our last cruise 7 years ago. Embarkation was always a bit of a pain, but no longer (at least with Celebrity). We did all our pre-boarding checklist and checked in on the Celebrity app (more about this later), including uploading a selfie that would be linked to our cruise card. Even the muster drill, that time honored experience that all cruisers dread, was done on the app. We were assigned a boarding time. We showed up at the appointed time, were asked if anything had changed (it hadn’t), and we were invited on board. That’s it! Maybe 5 minutes tops. Once we boarded, our cruise cards were waiting in the cabin. We only had to go to our muster station to check in to complete the tasks, and we were done. It was the easiest, fastest embarkation ever. Note: we were retreat guests and had a separate check in area (more on that later), but the main check in line appeared short.

Ship: Celebrity Edge was launched in 2018, the first of the new Edge class, now including Beyond and Apex, with Ascent due this year. At 131,000 tons with a capacity of 2900 guests, she would have been considered a mega ship not that long ago, but is now considered modestly large, particularly compared to something like RC Oasis of the Seas , a 227,000 ton monster carrying 5600 passengers. From the first sight of her tumblehome X-bow she looks unlike any other cruise ship. The new parabolic bow design is said to make her 8% more efficient. But the bow isn’t the only difference. The ship has been completely reimagined and is stunning. Interiors are modern and sleek, with thoughtful touches like a re-orientation of the elevators so that there are 2 full banks of full sized lifts (something anyone crammed in a typical half size elevator can appreciate). As you walk along the passageway, the lighting changes as you approach the fore and aft lobbies. LED lights completely surrounding the elevator light up red or green when the lift arrives, giving an easy visual clue as to which has arrived and which direction it is going (cool and very useful). There are thoughtful features like this everywhere, leading me to wonder why no one thought of them before. There are 16 decks, with most passenger facilities located on Deck 3 and above. Signage was prominent and easy to follow (you can get lost on this ship). Maps are available in the app. Notable features include the rooftop garden, a 2-decked running track, an enormous main pool, 2 large hot tubs, a flashy casino, an (overpriced) spa, a large well equipped gym, a solarium with indoor pool and spa, the 3 deck central atrium with a massive ever changing LED chandelier, and the magic carpet, a cantilevered platform that protrudes from the starboard side and moves from deck 2 (as an enormous tender platform, all the way up to deck 16 as another lounge/deck area). The ship has been reimagined, with almost all areas maximizing views of the ocean. The vibe is definitely cool and chic. While large, the space is thoughtfully designed to provide plenty of quiet and private spaces throughout.

Cabin: we booked an aft suite. All suites on board are now part of a ship within a ship concept called “The Retreat”. This gives premium passengers a more exclusive experience, rather than just a larger cabin, and subsequently comes with a large bump up in price. However, our 335 sq ft cabin was comfortable, well thought out, and spacious with tons of storage. Our 80 sq ft verandah was large enough for 2 chaise lounges and a table with 2 chairs. The mini fridge was stocked daily with beverages by the butler. Yes, suite guests get both a cabin attendant and a butler. The cabin functions were all controlled via a touch screen panel, or via the app on your device (which was wicked cool). Even the tv can be controlled from the app. Suite guests get the premium beverage package, premium WiFi, and gratuities included in the fare. In addition, suite guests have their own lounge with concierge, their own private sundeck and pool, and a private dining room called Luminae. Suite guests also receive 24 hour room service at no extra charge.

Dining: Edge boasts 15 dining venues. There are 4 main dining restaurants (while we could eat there, we didn’t). They are each themed differently (French, Italian, Mediterranean, and contemporary) and while each have the same menu, each features a few special starters and mains. The Oceanview cafe, celebrity’s signature buffet dining experience featured double height ceilings and tall windows. Food is set up in different stations and generally punched above its weight for a buffet. There was ample seating both inside and outside. At the back is a pizzeria that was popular late at night. Blu is the dining room reserved for aqua class cabins. Suite guest can dine there on a space available basis. Trip ate breakfast there one day and enjoyed it, but we otherwise can’t comment on the cuisine. The menus looked good. We ate most dinners in Luminae, the private suite restaurant. The space is beautiful and elegant. Having heard raves about it, we were looking forward to amazing food. We were, honestly, a bit disappointed. While food was solid and of generally excellent quality, and there were some serious home runs, there were way too many misses than there should have been. Flavors were off on occasion and dishes were over-sauced or generally lackluster far too often. We were expecting to have our socks blown off, and they weren’t. One night for dessert I ordered a Napoleon. What I got was a basically a brownie. I don’t know exactly what it was, but I know what it wasn’t, a Napoleon. I’m pretty sure I had the same dessert on the plane. Specialty dining (extra cost) venues we visited were Fine Cut Steakhouse ($60 pp), which was exactly what you would expect and was quite good, Le Petite Chef ($60 pp), an animated table top dinner experience was fun and the food was delicious, but I wouldn’t do it again. Kids would love it. Eden ($60 pp) at the aft of the ship, was amazing. Featuring an open kitchen in a 3 deck high space and a fresh, modern menu, we were absolutely knocked out by it. It was so good we went back again. Honestly, I’d skip all the other extra charge restaurants and just eat here. The chef is absolutely going for a Michelin star. We did not go to the sushi restaurant or rooftop barbecue restaurant, though other cruisers were impressed. The Mast grill serves up your typical burgers and dogs, with outstanding fries (seriously). Eden cafe (in the bar area of the 3 deck Eden space) offers sandwiches and soups at lunch (pretty good, but I was still hungry). It is strangely only open on sea days. For those who need caffeine, Cafe Il Bacio served up all your espresso drink desires and had lovely desserts as well. Specialty coffees and teas are included for Retreat guests naturally. There is also a spa cafe with healthy items as well as smoothies, none of which we tried.

Entertainment: you will not be bored on this ship. Along with a massive, high tech, multi-level staged main theater where shows occurred twice nightly, there is a disco (The Club), acoustic entertainment in the Eden bar, and bands in the atrium around the martini bar every night. It’s a high energy ship. Shows were either artists brought on board , or stage shows by the large in house entertainment staff, including 4 singers, 8 dancers, and 3 acrobats. Bands varied by style but were all excellent. We particularly loved the Brazilian singer/guitarist. Entertainment went into the wee hours. My only complaint is that there actually wasn’t a bar or cafe where you could have a quiet drink at night. There was always some music, often loud. Movies were shown under the stars on the top deck. For those Vegas lovers, the glitzy casino featured many table games and all the typical slots. Trip and I don’t gamble much, but we both won a little.

Staff: I cannot say enough about how amazing the crew were. Every crew member we interacted with went above and beyond. The service level was as good, or better, than the luxury cruise lines we’ve been on. Staff can make or break your trip, and these folks were definitely trying (and succeeding) to impress. From the cabin steward to the Captain, the crew was warm, welcoming, eager to please, and generally exceptionally friendly. It didn’t matter if you were in the grandest suite or an inside cabin, the crew were there to make your trip wonderful. The wait staff in particular were attentive, engaging, and happy to go the extra mile to make you happy.

The App: the app is central to your cruise experience. Not only could you open your cabin door, you can control the a/c, the drapes, the lighting, and the television. You can also message other cruisers in your party. Looking for something to do? The app lists all shows and events going on every day. Hungry? The app tells you what dining is available at the time you query it. Check your on board account? Absolutely. Need medical help, the app has you covered. Want to book a dining reservation or a shore excursion? It can do that as well. In addition to all the functions, it also has a deck plan to help you navigate to where you want to go. It really has revolutionized the way you cruise, much to the better. Celebrity has this technology nailed.

WiFi: premium WiFi was included with “The Retreat”. Connectivity was solid in most parts of the ship but dropped occasionally, particularly in our bathroom and in the veranda. There was a WiFi receiver in our cabin, so I don’t know why it dropped out in spots. It was fast enough to stream video with only occasional lag. Uploads were painfully slow, particularly video. Celebrity uses Starlink satellite WiFi. But for most needs, it was more than adequate, and honestly I tried to avoid too much screen time, other than to upload envy pics and check emails.

Magic Carpet: the standout feature of this ship design is an enormous cantilever movable platform. It is designed to be moved all the way down to deck 2 to to serve as a large tender platform. We had no tender ports so did not get to experience what I imagine is a significant improvement. The platform in fact didn’t move once from its spot on deck 14, despite being advertised as moving to deck five for an outdoor dining experience at the sushi restaurant and moving to deck 16 for a “unique” (extra charge) dining experience called “Dinner on the Edge”. It never budged. Not once. Still, it had ample seating (couches and chairs) and a full bar, and was a very pleasant place, though as retreat guests, we generally stayed in our private deck area, which had a wide variety of seating, a full bar, the lounge, and waiter service for both drinks and lunch.

Dress Code: there were no formal nights, though there were 2 nights where people who wished to put on fancy duds were encouraged to do so. I wore dockers and a button down shirt every night. I would call the dress code “Country Club”

Disembarkation: no one likes the end of their vacation, especially one as top notch as this one. Disembarkation was handled smoothly and easily. Bag tags were delivered to our cabin on the second to last night. Bags were collected by 10 pm of the final night and reclaimed after the ship cleared customs the next morning. Groups were called to exit by bag tag color, generally starting around 8 am. Restaurants were open for breakfast on the final morning.

Fellow passengers: looking at their marketing materials, Celebrity is aiming for a younger demographic. There’s nary a grey hair seen in the brochure. On this cruise, the crowd skewed older. Trip and I were among the younger passengers. Still, the old coots got their boogie on. Most passengers were American (many from Florida where apparently taking a Caribbean cruise is a hobby). There was a sizable group of Canadians and a few Brits. The following cruise (I was told), was full with 270 kids on board.

Smoking: The last time I sailed with Celebrity, cigars were all the rage and they had a cigar bar, called Michael’s club. Smoking was allowed in the casino and on the port side of the ship. The cigar bar is gone and smoking is relegated to 2 areas that are neatly tucked away where you will neither see nor smell it. Otherwise, the ship is non-smoking.

The final score: Ship 5/5, Service 5/5, Entertainment 4/5, Dining 4/5, Cabin 5/5. 23/25 is a winner.

This ship will not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re a traditional cruiser who likes formal nights, set dining, and doesn’t like lots of choice, this ship is not for you. There are also no roller coasters, water slides, or climbing walls, so if you want that, find another ship (see aforementioned Oasis if the Seas). My only (minor) gripe was about how loud it could get (noise was not an issue in the cabin). There were a few nights where I wanted to whisper sweet nothings to Trip over cocktails rather than shout or (during one particular raucous event) text. My only other minor gripe is that the desserts in the buffet all tasted exactly the same. They would have 6 or 7 types of cake, which I swear other than the color, were identical. I found that amusing. Still, we enjoyed it so much we booked another cruise for later this year. We still prefer the small ships, but Celebrity in general, and the Edge in particular, gave us an outstanding experience.


7 days. 7 fucking days unlocked. 7 days of feeling wrong. 7 days of, if not quite being in hell, then being hell-adjacent.

As you may recall, I was wounded by the Kink3D designs cage. I’m not blaming their product. I’m blaming myself, completely. Ever since I had to unlock, I’ve watched the wound like a hawk. Each day I’d check to see how much it had improved and that maybe, just maybe, I could be locked again the next day.

Not wanting a repeat, I promised myself (and those interested parties) that I would wait until it completely healed. I probably would have been okay around day 5, as it no longer hurt, but it was still scabbed. So I waited. Finally, 7 days later, I was healed.

I jumped in the shower and oh so carefully shaved my balls of the hair that had accumulated. I retrieved the werks from the cage drawer. Yes, I have a drawer basically dedicated to chastity devices (and yes, the OG cb2000 is in there). The Steelwerks then came out of its velvet bag (really it should be in a leather bag, if you ask me). As I squeezed my balls and then stuffed my cock through the base ring, I began to feel like myself again. One the cage slid on, the PA was locked, and the cage screws tightened, I was whole again.

I’m pleased to say I was not ever tempted to play with my unlocked cock. In the past, I think it would have been hard to resist. Yeah, it got hard (the cock), but I didn’t touch it. Not once. It wouldn’t be right. It doesn’t belong to me anymore. It would be a betrayal of trust. Any orgasm I might be allowed is not to be by my hand. Honestly, I can’t remember the last orgasm I had. I think I was allowed one late last year, but I don’t really even track them anymore. If they want to me have one, they’ll give me one, and they don’t seem to feel any need. That’s fine by me, because the longer you aren’t allowed to orgasm, the easier it is to not have them. Sounds ironic, but it’s true, at least for me.

I don’t want to masturbate anymore. To be completely honest, there are occasional days I wish I could. However, I much prefer any orgasm (if there’s to be one for me) to be caged, and those orgasm to come from bdsm play, and for me not to have any say about if it happens or not. I much prefer giving other’s orgasms. Mine, if they happen, are secondary. Though, if I do get to come from being plowed or having my other bits worked over, we’ll that’s just fine and dandy. I don’t expect it, but it happens sometimes.

I’ve already swapped out the base ring on the Kind3d for the larger one, and I can always wear the Evotion 8, though I find it difficult to put on (but very comfortable and secure for long term wear) should the need to go through TSA arise. Until then, I’ll be securely #lockedinwerks.


Don’t be Like Me

I’m currently unlocked. I have no one to blame but myself. My intense need to stay locked has forced me to be unlocked. The irony is not lost on me. You’d think I’d know better by now.

I used to travel a lot for business, but as with most things, that pretty much stopped for several years during Covid. It’s only recently that it’s returned. After having the Steelwerks set off the TSA metal detector (newsflash; titanium will set off airport metal detectors), I’ve gone back to wearing plastic when traveling. Normally this has not been a problem as I travel with the werks and only wear plastic when in the airport and on the plane. My most recent trip, however, was a whirlwind of 3 cities in 3 days and it just didn’t seem to make sense to constantly swap devices.

I’ve always used the Evotion for travel. I did get a Kink3D cobra a few months back and decided it was more comfortable. The Evotion is great but it’s challenging to put on. It’s a bit of a pinchy puzzle. I’ve worn the cobra for a day or two, but not much longer. I downsized the original ring because I like a snug fit, which was probably my mistake. I forgot how grippy plastic can be.

All was well until the second to last day (about 72 hours in). I was getting a bit sore under my balks. I didn’t see anything, so I just presumed I didn’t lube the ring enough. The last day of the trip was uncomfortable, but I still didn’t see anything amiss. During the very long flight home, things got very uncomfortable. Because I’m an idiot, I just toughed it out. When I eventually got home, I was in serious pain and finally took the cage off to reveal a pretty significant wound under the ring. It hurt like a mofo.

I know better. I should have taken the device off sooner, especially with a new device I haven’t worn for extended periods of time. I would have been unlocked maybe 24 hours total, but now I’ve got to wait until I’m healed, which is probably going to be several more days. It’s better, but it ain’t healed yet. What is wrong with me? As much as I dislike being free range, 24 hours would have been so much better than the 5 days and counting I’m now forced to endure. I think I get too invested in my chastity. It’s easy to do for those of us who know we are born to be locked, but still, some rationality is required here.

It’s also not the first time this has happened, although that was back when I was first locked. It hasn’t happened in years, so perhaps I was lulled into a false sense of complacency. Whatever the reason, I should have taken the device off sooner than I did. I guess the take home is to listen to what your body is telling you and don’t try to power through. In other words, don’t be like me.