Becoming property

Note: I wrote this several years ago, and things have certainly changed in both of my relationships (more in future posts), but the story of how I became a slave and where I was at that point in my life is interesting to me, and, I hope, to you. My life evolves and since I wrote this, I’ve embraced my submissive side far more and, as you know, Tripp has become far more Dominant.It’s funny, because as I’ve gotten older, I exude total Daddy mojo, until they see the collar around my neck and find out my dick is in a cage.

I have generally considered myself a switch, but I only have two settings: sadistic, demanding Top or total object/pig/property. The headspace is so different that these two sides have different names; Mr., SIR, or Boss for the first, and slave cage for the second (the name it’s Master chose for it, because it’s locked).  I’ve always been a switch, but I have also always been a lousy boy.  When I first entered the bdsm scene in my early twenties as a young, fit, very cute man, I was chased around a lot (and I mean a lot).  I have always been attracted to older guys, so I thought the boy role was natural for me.  But I was lousy. I was a really pushy bottom.   I didn’t really like sucking cock so much. I have a really powerful gag reflex.   I liked getting off a lot. I liked being fucked, but not for a long session.   I could role play for a while but would grow tired of it, and once I came, the party was pretty much over.

I eventually realized what a lousy boy/bottom I was (and that no one was really having fun) and embraced the Top in me. In those days, young guys were just always perceived as a bottom. As a Top, I am creative, caring, firm, love stretching holes and fucking them (and I can fuck for a long time), love to inflict pain, and generally find that both myself and my bottom enjoy themselves immensely.  Also, gear-wise, Topmen leather gear is way sexier than bottom boys (IMHO).  I eventually fell in love with and married an amazing bottom man whose ass can swallow a small SUV.  He is an adorable, kind, Southern gentleman who is extremely outgoing and is the total opposite of me.  Somehow it works.  But, the sub side of me has always been an itch needing to be explored, which brings us to Sir.

Sir and I met almost 20 years ago.  The leather community was relatively small here where we live, and they used to have monthly group meetings (no apps in those days, barely any cellphones in fact).  He would use me as a demo model from time to time, and I really liked that.  We started playing on occasion in His dungeon.  I tried my best to be a good bottom boy, and I think we had fun, since we kept up the play sessions over the years.  One session changed my world completely.  Let me start off by saying that I can take pain.  In the beginning I put up with it, rarely enjoying it, but believing I had to do it to be a good sub. I saw pain as something to endure rather than enjoy.  During one flogging session, the pain suddenly stopped even though the flogging was getting heavier.  All I could feel was pleasure.  I left my body.  My throat was making guttural sounds I had never heard before.  I was flying and I only wanted Sir to hit me harder and faster.  I never knew that could happen.  I never heard myself beg to be hit before, and I fucking loved it.  It was a transcendent experience and a whole new world opened for me, and Sir was more than happy to continue to take me on the journey.

A couple of years ago, during a whipping session, instead of saying “Thank You Sir”, I said “Thank You Master”.  It wasn’t intentional.  It just came out, and I realized it only after I said it.  Sir didn’t stop, and the scene continued to its natural conclusion.  I thought perhaps He hadn’t heard it and I wasn’t going to say anything.  Afterwards, while coming down from the high, Sir and I talked.  He noted I had called Him Master and asked me if I wanted to be a slave.  I thought very hard about that.  After a bit, I replied that “no, I didn’t want to be a slave.  I needed to be slave”.  It was such a moment of clarity for me.  I’m not a boy or a sub.  It’s a piece of meat that needs to be owned and used as its Master sees fit. It is property. Slave cage was born that day.  But I was also a married Top, which complicated things a wee little bit.

Luckily, my sweet southern gentleman husband and I have always had an open arrangement.  I told him long ago that I could be monogamous with my heart, but not with my dick.  There are things he doesn’t want to do that I do want, and he is totally fine with me finding that elsewhere.  I am also fine with him doing that, but he has never wanted to, as far as I know.  The deal is we just have to let each other know.  If I bring a sub into the picture, he generally gets to meet them and can join us if he wishes, but with Sir, while I tell him what is going on, its only me.  My husband knows I have a sub side, but there is not a dominant bone in his body, and when we tried to role play that, it ended in giggles.  If you want to torture him, give him a menu and a time limit to make a decision.  He can’t choose what he wants to eat, let alone bark out orders to a sub.  So, he knows he can’t scratch that itch. Yet the discussion about my becoming a slave was not easy for either of us (that’s another post).

Switching from my normal headspace to the slave didn’t start out easily. As things progress, the headspace can come out more easily.  A text or message from Sir can do it now, but that wasn’t always the case. There were some things that Sir did that helped tremendously.   First of all, you should know that I ABSOLULTELY HATE being naked.  I won’t even disrobe in front of the cat.  The first thing I usually have to do (well, slave cage has to do) when it comes into His presence is strip completely naked.  The thing is, when I do this, I also strip myself away.  He gets bundled up neatly in the pile of clothes in the corner and slave cage emerges.  Sir’s collar is locked on next.  Again, this really helps with the headspace, and that is very important because slave cage can and wants to do many things that I cannot.  Slave cage has learned to deep throat a cock.  Slave cage worships its Master’s cock.  It can get lost in that cock and kiss, lick, and suck it endlessly.  I get tired of sucking cock after a while.  Slave cage craves licking its Master’s nuts, ass, nips, pits, and boots.  Slave cage can take bigger things into his slave pussy than I can in my ass.  Slave cage loves to be His Master’s urinal, grunt, dungeon toy, and chore boy, things that I would not normally do. Slave cage craves its Master’s cum.  Slave cage can take more pain for much longer than I ever could, and enjoy it for what it is as it is a gift from His Master.  Slave cage is owned property, and I couldn’t be happier for him/it.

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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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