Sugar Express

So I did the sugar hair removal. In the end, it went really well, although my first attempt was less than successful. Overall, it was pretty easy and painless, but they aren’t kidding when they say use powder first. I didn’t the first time. I made sure I was dry down there with a blow dryer. I did my pubes first, and that went pretty well. Then I tried my balls, which must have gotten a bit sweaty because the sugar paste essentially melted when I tried it and I ended up with candy coated hairy balls. I also didn’t take off my cage for the first attempt, and that was also a mistake, because the sugar also just melted and stuck to it like cement. It dissolves in water though, so I just had to stand in the shower for a bit to clean off the icing. Too bad there was no one around to lick them clean (Tripp’s diabetic).

Anyway, for round two I removed the cage and powdered down everything with medicated Gold Bond, which gave my balls a nice tingly feeling (that’s just a bonus). This time, I’d say I got 99% of the hair removed. Some of the paste stuck to my leg hair, but again, it’s easy to shower off. You really have to develop a good technique for it to work. First you apply a thin layer and then “flick” it quickly the opposite direction. Wasn’t to difficult, but it took some practice.

So, overall it was a success. You can see the results for yourself. The best part was the paste cost $15 and will probably last for 8-10 more uses, so it’s pretty inexpensive. I’m pretty pleased with the results and while not a thorough as the professional wax, it’s pretty damn good.


Update: it doesn’t last as long as a waxing, maybe 3 weeks tops, but it’s easy enough to do. After this lockdown is done, I’ll have a ponytail, a hairy ass, and a pornstache, but my pubes will be smooth

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