Dumb Kid

My first experience with chastity came shortly after I first came (and I’m going to tell you about that in the next post). At 12 years of age, I had my first, of many, orgasms. After the discovery of that new part of life, the adolescent me began spending a lot of time exploring that new frontier. But 12 year old me had another worry. It seemed like all the boys in my class were getting bigger, getting body hair, deeper voices, and I wasn’t. Bear in mind, my birthday is at the end of the year, just before the school cutoff, so I was one of the youngest boys in my class. That was a fact lost on 12 year old me. What wasn’t lost was the obvious fact of one particular classmate who left school at the end of the year as a boy soprano and returned the next fall as James Fucking Earl Jones. Yeah, I could produce cum now, and make it squirt out of me happily, but where was the pube hair, the armpit hair, the man voice?

These were the days well before the internet, google, even home computers or any of the technology we can’t live without now. The one reference source anyone had was Encyclopedia Britannica, and there just wasn’t any entry under “why doesn’t my pube hair grow in?” It was also at least a year before any sex education class (which was always taught by a gym teacher, I don’t know why). So, 12 year old me, who did get some knowledge from Britannica, and knew that testosterone was involved, decided that all the whacking off he was doing was somehow “depleting” his reserve and that was why he wasn’t becoming a full on man. Armed with that firm conclusion, 12 year old me did what he thought best, and stopped masturbating. Yep, having just found the joy of manhood, I decided it was preventing the rest of it, so I forced myself to stop.

What about nocturnal emission, you may ask? I never had them. Nope, never. Never had a wet dream (although I have had some killer sex dreams in my time, they have never made me actually cum). What I did notice was some cum in my urine after I peed, and some pre-cum on the tip of my cock from time to time, but mostly not too much. For 6 solid months, 12 year old me kept himself in chastity, which was not easy since 12 year old me had spent the previous few months most definitely avoiding chastity. Miraculously, the pube hair eventually did start to come in (ironic that I now get it waxed off every month), the voice got deeper, chin hair sprouted, and like the clouds parting after the storm, puberty hit me in full force. I started jerking off again, tentatively, since I didn’t want to back slide into boyhood.

It all seems so silly and stupid now, but perhaps that is partly why I enjoy chastity and orgasm denial now. I don’t do it for the reasons I did as a child. I have way better reasons now. But I did it at a time in life where most boys can’t keep their hands off their penises. I believe my older brother spent the majority of his time between 12 and 16 with his hand firmly in his pants. I’m a bit embarrassed about the reason then, but I still admire the self control of 12 year old me. Thank goodness young, soon to be men nowadays can find all the information they need in the palm of their hands (just make sure you wipe them first, boys).

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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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