Resistance is Futile

I prefer spontaneous sex. I’m locked and horny and my husband is sexy and I want to jump his bones all the time. I also want him to jump my bones, but he’s not a bone jumper. We need to work on that.

As you know, Tripp is diabetic. He’s on an insulin pump. We call it his Borg implant (we’re both sci-fi nerds). It has done wonders for him, but it’s finicky.

Every week, he has to install a new sensor and then it takes 24-36 hours for it to calibrate, which requires a lot of attention and it beeps and alarms frequently. Sometimes it doesn’t calibrate right, so he has to start over again. There’s one day where he has a few hours off the pump (prime bone jumping opportunity) and then there are a few days when everything works and he’s good. That’s my bone-jumping window. Problem is, they’re not the same days every week, so I never know when sex is an option, because nothing is a buzz kill like Seven of Nine squawking an alarm that needs to be dealt with when you’re trying to get busy.

So, you adapt. I got him a thigh strap pouch from Mr S. that his pump fits in so he can be naked during sex and not worry about getting disconnected. We set up a google calendar (so much for spontaneity) so I can track my opportunities, but its not always accurate and he doesn’t always update it. So, sometimes when I’m frisky, sex is just not an option. I just have to get used to being disappointed sometimes. I’m left horny and frustrated and not in the good way. When Tripp leaves me horny and frustrated on purpose, that’s one thing. When Seven does it, it’s just a bummer. Its not like I can just jerk off instead. I’m locked and I’m not allowed to masturbate. It’s okay. It’s not his fault. I love him and we make it work the best we can. Sex by appointment just isn’t that hot for me, though I’ll take what I can get (1 week from Tuesday between 9 and 9:15 pm). It would be a lot easier if he would just jump me. Are you reading this, Tripp?


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

One thought on “Resistance is Futile

  1. I think regardless of medical problems we all get this from time where our sex drives just doesn’t sync. Your post though reminds me that a bit of extra effort is required. I did laugh at the Star Trek references as they were always some of my favourite programmes and I almost quoted Resistance is Futile at you the other night when you shared how frustratingly horny you were with no hope of surcease. Hope the planets align soon so you get some!


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