Daddy Issues

When I was a young leatherman, I got chased around by older Daddies a lot. I was cute and had a bubble butt. I had a slim, tight body (not overtly muscular, but fit), long brown/auburn hair and green eyes. I had a nice coating of dark auburn chest hair, but not bearishly so. I suppose I was an otter (when did that become a thing?). I’m also attracted to older guys, so I probably flirted with them as well. I looked like a boy should look, and everyone assumed I was one. I’m naturally dominant though. I mean, I do have a sub side and while I am embracing that now, I didn’t back then. I didn’t look like a Daddy, but I felt like one.

Around age 30, I started going grey. My chest and beard went grey. My hair was completely grey before I was 40. It’s all salt with very little pepper. I don’t mind it, but now when boys look at me, I appear to scream “Daddy”. (Okay, I also have a bit of a dad bod. Okay, more than a bit). I get called Sir all the time and get flirted with and fawned over by younger subs. It’s fun and flattering, I must admit, and it’s led to some interesting conversations and some disappointed boys because, as you know, I’m locked.

I was at a conference a few months ago. Tripp stayed home. I was bored one evening so I put on some gear and went to the local leather bar (sadly, there are so few left but there was one where I was). I wasn’t there long before two young twenty somethings approached me. They were obviously together and they were obviously curious about me, my gear, and my experience in bdsm in general. We talked quite a while. They were adorable. One of them nuzzled my chest and then slipped his hand down to my crotch, where the steel and titanium lives. He certainly got a surprise. I told him I was locked and all about my cage. He asked question after question. Does it really never come off? How do I pee in it? I think he was very intrigued. Eventually, I took him into the bathroom and dropped my pants so he could see my cage. I let him watch me piss. I let him drink my piss too (seriously, the hollow PA is genius).

They wanted to bottom for me. They wanted me to come home with them. I don’t know what they thought I could do, but I’m locked securely and I do not have a key. These boys were adorable, but they are the type I would fuck and make suck my cock, and clearly that was not happening. Besides, I don’t feel dominant while locked. I was flattered though. Who doesn’t like some attention?

I’m pretty sure Tripp would unlock me if I ever decide I want to Top someone again. I also sure he would lock me right after. For now, I’m very happy being his sub and Sir’s slave, and staying securely confined to my cage. I don’t want to be unlocked. I’m supposed to be locked. I haven’t felt the urge to dominate anyone since I’ve been locked. Still, it’s nice to know that I finally have the Daddy mojo should I ever want to use it.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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