I had a date last week. It was the first date I’ve had in a year and a half, for reasons we all are sadly well aware of. I got fully vaccinated in February, but the pandemic was in full swing here and while I felt safer, there was no way I was going “out”. All that changed remarkably quickly here. No one realized how quickly the vaccine would roll out and how quickly our case rates would fall and the world could open up again, which left me unprepared for any hookups.

See, I stopped taking Prep at the beginning of the lockdown. There wasn’t any reason to keep taking it, so I stopped. I figured I’d have plenty of time to get started again. I figured wrong, because we went from zero to essentially normal in a matter of weeks, and I kind of met a boy online (boy, as in male, not as in submissive). We chatted a while and we made a date to see if we clicked. That happened last week. I thought our first date would be “casual”. You know, maybe lunch. It didn’t turn out that way.

There was the first gear event happening in almost 2 years and we met there. That was pretty casual. We talked and laughed and we kissed a bit. I met some of his friends. Things seemed to be going well. He admitted he was nervous to meet me (god only knows why….he is way hotter than me), but that he was very glad he did and he was very interested in attempting to impregnate me. The feeling was mutual.

I wanted it. I wanted it bad, and I got some of what I wanted, but not everything, because I hadn’t gone back on prep, and I always try to be as safe as possible. Having survived the AIDS crisis in the 90’s, it would be sadly ironic if something happened to me now. So we didn’t go “all the way” and I made an appt with the Prep clinic for the first thing available.

I thought this would be easy. I mean, I’m negative and had been on Prep, but no. Since it’s been so long, they wanted to test me for EVERYTHING. That’s fine, but geez. After drawing about 17 gallons of blood and filling a liter bottle with pee, I was sent home awaiting my results. I’m happy to report that I am still negative, I have the kidneys of a 12 year old, and I have no STI’s whatsoever. However, I also don’t have any Hep B antibodies. I don’t remember if I ever got vaccinated for Hep B, but Dr Sex said males who have sex with males should be vaccinated, and I’m all about safety. I got my first dose of the vaccine and 15 minutes later I had my new Prep Rx.

One thing that’s changed since 2 years ago is that Truvada is now generic, and I was quite pleased to find out that there is zero co-pay. Sweet!

Anyway, I have to get another Hep B vaccine in 4 weeks, but I started taking the big blue pills again, and hopefully sometime next week we will be starting trying to get me pregnant ( in case your scratching your head, that a euphemism for shooting his load into my guts). I’m really in lust over this new gentleman friend. He’s pretty amazing, and he fucks like a machine, just FYI. I can hardly wait until he can come in whatever opening he prefers.

Being fully vaccinated and back on Prep is an amazing feeling. First, taking control of your health is important, but also, it feels kind of like normal again, which is something we have all been waiting so long for

Stay well and stay safe


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