Butt Plugery 101. Tips and tricks for long term plugging

I’ve had numerous requests for some tips on carrying a plug long term, as I’ve spent a good deal of time plugged for 12 hours or longer. Being plugged is an amazing experience. Feeling the fullness and the weight and the constant shifting movements in your ass as you go about your day with no one suspecting is seriously sexy. It’s a constant reminder of your kink, and it just feels good.

THE PLUG: choosing the right plug for you is critical to success. I find steel plugs to be the best. They are easier to insert, and easier to clean. Plus, they go in feeling cold and come out at body temperature. That’s so amazing. I honestly think the WMCBP is probably the best plug out there for long term wear, because it is easy to maintain, has serious heft, and has a very small “neck”: that neck is probably the most critical aspect of a plug you want to carry for hours. You want a very tapered neck. A plug with a wide neck is irritating for me. My ass likes to close around the plug, and it’s very comfortable if it can. Plugs that have wide necks (relatively) are annoying and I find my body constantly trying to push them out because my ass can’t close. My biggest criticism of the metal WMCBP design is the circular base piece. My butt crack isn’t circular, so it doesn’t settle nicely. Their silicone models have a much better design, but I have some complaints about the actual plug, because silicone is grippier and you have to use water based lube (more on that later). Sadly, the 2 largest sizes are no longer available. Size is only an issue as far as insertion. Your rectum can hold a lot of stuff. It’s designed to hold stuff. It holds poop, and it holds a lot of it. There’s almost no limit to the size of plug your rectum can accommodate, but it has to go past one thing…your anus.

YOUR ANUS is the limiting factor in plug size. If you’re used to taking large toys or fists, then you should have no problem with even the biggest plugs. If not, you’re going have to start smaller and work upwards. Take your time. It’s not a contest. Go slow. Stretch your hole over time at a pace you feel comfortable with. It shouldn’t be painful (well, maybe a little. I’ve been known to gasp as the XXXL impales me). If it is very painful, you need to downsize and slow down. There are numerous plugs (and other toys) that are great for training your hole, but not necessarily for long term wear. I find the Topped Toys plugs awesome for training, but I don’t find them comfortable for long term. They even have a great how to stretch your hole guide on their website! As I said, your rectum can accommodate almost anything, but a plug that keeps your anus open can be uncomfortable and not really suited to long term plugging. No matter the size, most plugs taper and once you get the widest part past your anus, it’s going to suck in like there is a vacuum on the other side. Honest…all you need to do is get past the widest point, the rest is surprisingly automatic.

THAT NEED TO POOP FEELING. Your rectum is designed to tell your brain when it’s full. That’s the signal to poop. When you’re plugged, your rectum thinks it’s full and you are going to think you need to poop. You need to recognize that you don’t, and you need to ride that out. While the urge to defecate is autonomic, the act is not. Ever really had to go but had to wait? You clenched and eventually the feeling subsided. When you plug, you are going to feel like you need to defecate. Relax. It will pass. It’s easier if you know you don’t need to poop, which leads us to….

WHEN TO INSERT: insert the plug after you defecate. Most people will need to defecate at some point in the morning. Unless you have bowels with a mind of their own, you’re probably already aware of about when you typically empty them. Plug after that. Trust me on this. It will help you recognize the urge the plug causes versus a real need. You do not need to “clean out”. You need to allow your body to do it’s thing, and then plug.

LUBE: Do not, repeat, do not use water based lube wherever possible. Your rectum is amazing at absorbing water. That’s actually its major function. If you’re plugged for a while, all the water in that lube is going to be absorbed, and you’re going to have a sticky situation (pun intended). Silicone is best, in my opinion, which is another reason I prefer metal. You should avoid silicone lube with most silicone plugs. You want a lot of lube. That plug will move around and being well lubricated avoids irritation. You can add more lube with a lube shooter syringe during the day if needed. You can never be too rich or too lubed. And carry some lube with you (they make little individual packs), because (as we will discuss), there are times you may need to remove and re-insert the plug, like…

I NEED TO POOP: it can be hard to tell if the urge to defecate is plug induced, or you really need to go. If the urge doesn’t subside, or keeps coming back, you may need to go. That’s okay. Let your body push out the plug. You’re going to want to do this over the toilet. Don’t pull the plug…hold the base and push it out This allows your anus to relax and open naturally. If you need to go, you will. You can clean the plug in the water after you flush or in the sink, and wipe it with toilet paper or a paper towel if needed. Re-apply some lube and plug back up. It’s not a big deal. There may be poo on the plug you need to clean. Get over it. Shit happens. Go ahead. Drop the kids off at the pool, clean up, lube up, and reinsert. It’s all good.

SLEEPING PLUGGED is something you need to work up to. Just like when you first sleep caged, it’s going to wake you up. You’re not used to it. Don’t power through it. Recognize it. Take out the plug. It’s okay. You’ll get there eventually. Unless you enjoy sleep deprivation, this is something you need to work up to.

RECOGNIZE when you need a break. If your ass is sore, take a few days off, or at least downsize. Your body is telling you it needs a break. Listen to it. Don’t push yourself. This should feel good. If it doesn’t, slow down. Heavy plugs can make you sore. Plugs with wide necks can make you sore. A day or two off can make all the difference. Don’t push it. Listen to your body.

MATERIALS: plugs are made from all sorts of things. Metal is the best for long term plugging. It’s the easiest to insert and to remove, stays lubed pretty well, cleans easily, and doesn’t smell. Plastic is the worst. After a few days, it’s going to smell like ass, and you can’t get that smell out no matter what. Silicone is great for training plugs and for stretching, as it’s pliable, but it’s grippy and harder to insert and remove. Acrylic plugs are fine. Pyrex is actually a pretty good material, though I always have a worry in the back of my mind about a glass plug in my ass. I’ve never had one break, but I can’t think of a worse situation if it does. But whatever works for you is fine. Just make sure it has a base that will prevent your ass from sucking it all the way in (though honestly, you can push them out) and as you stretch, your smaller plugs will probably go past the base. I don’t worry about this. I know it will come out. But in the beginning, a nice base will help you feel confident and relaxed.

REMOVAL: no matter how well lubed you started, you’re not going to be as well lubed at the end. If you’re plugged long enough, it may in fact be harder to remove than put in. Relax. Let your body push the plug out. Don’t pull and don’t force it. Add lube if you need to and can. A lube shooter is a great thing to have. I promise, it will come out. Don’t clench and don’t get anxious. RELAX. Let nature take its course. It may be easy, but if it’s been in a long time, it might take a few minutes. I promise, it won’t get stuck in there. Deep breath, and push.

Above all, this should feel good. In fact, it should feel amazing. Having your ass feeling full and your prostate feeling nicely massaged is the goal. This isn’t “go big or go home” (though going big is usually the goal), this is about feeling good. Remember that.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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  1. Being plugged is a good training tool cause it keeps a slave locked in chastity extremely frustrated and reminded of his status as an Owned slave


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