Doc’s Chastity Tips for the Long Term Locked

There are many websites and blogs that offer a variety of tips for male members of the species Genitalus Incarceratus. Having said that, I have a few tips that I haven’t come across elsewhere, or at least all in one spot, that I have found very helpful in my long term lockage. So, I thought I’d put my two cents in here.

There are a few essentials you are going to need and a couple of tricks you can use to make your caged journey more pleasant.

1: Hibiclens. This is an antimicrobial surgical skin prep that is available at any pharmacy. It’s a dilute chlorhexidine solution in a scrub form. Hibiclens is amazing at destroying bacteria and eliminating the dreaded cage stank. That stank is not from urine, boys, it’s from bacteria and antimicrobial soaps just won’t cut it. Most bacteria are resistant to the stuff they put in there. Some people are allergic to Chlorhexidine, so bear that in mind. Also, remember contact time. You need to let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing. However it will leave your cage shiny and disinfected. Use it once or twice a week (or more often as needed) and you’ll be stank free. In between, you can use your usual soap.

2. A wash bottle. You can get these cheaply on Amazon. They are plastic squeeze bottles with a long tip that allows you to squirt the liquid easily into your cage. I fill mine with the Hibiclens.

3. A blow dryer with a nozzle. You don’t really want your cage to be drip dry (bacteria love warm, moist environments) and you can’t get it dry on the inside with a towel. A blow dryer set to medium heat will dry you completely without burning your sensitive parts. The nozzle will direct the warm air where you want it.

4. Silicone or Petrolatum based lube/ointment. Applied to the ring, particularly at the bottom, will help prevent chafing and pinching. You need a product that will last a long time and not absorb. I like Aquaphor in particular.

5. Lidocaine cream. This used to be Rx only but is now available OTC at any drugstore. There are going to be days when something rubs wrong and you get that burning sensation down there. For me, it’s most often after a particularly strong morning wood right where the ring squeezes me. As long as there are no obvious wounds (if there are, take the cage off immediately), a little lidocaine cream will resolve the issue quickly.

6. Foam cleaning swabs. A lot of people use q-tips, but they are less than ideal. The cotton unravels and the sticks bend and they sort of fall apart when wet. Foam swabs eliminate those issues and are available on Amazon.

7. A trimmer or a razor. If you don’t trim your bush, your hair is going to get caught in your cage, and that is definitely not fun. Keeping your pubes trimmed is a good idea. If you want to go smooth, then a razor is called for. I got tired of having to shave all the time (Sir wants His slave smooth, Tripp doesn’t have an opinion) and I could never get my balls smooth without cutting myself, so I go for a waxing once a month. It’s called a Manzilian. It hurt the first time, but subsequent monthly waxes are pretty much a non-event. As a bonus, they do my ass too.

8. The Bathtub. The bathtub is your friend. Your balls are going to swell. The ring restricts the venous blood flow a bit, so your sack is going to get a bit tight now and then. Soaking in a warm bath will quickly resolve that. It’s not from all your unused come (your body is very efficient at absorbing the old swimmers and making new ones), it’s venous congestion.

9. Sanitizing wet wipes: for a quick on the go refresher, you can use pre moistened towelettes to wipe around inside your cage. Please don’t use Lysol or Clorox (not meant for skin). If you wouldn’t wipe your ass with it, don’t wipe your dick.

10. Scotch Brite soft scrub pads: you need to remove and thoroughly clean your cage at least once a month (you only got one dick, boys, and you probably want to keep it). These scrub pads are made for non-stick surfaces so they won’t scratch up your investment, yet will help get everything nicely clean.

11. Dishwasher. If you haven’t kept up your maintenance or your cage is particularly scummy, you might consider running it through the short cycle on your dishwasher (depends on what your cage is made from, though). It’s a really easy way to get it super clean. Be careful though, your cage may not be dishwasher safe, although if it’s stainless, it likely is. If you just can’t get all the nooks and crannies clean, this might work for you. Use the top rack and turn off the heated dry option. Dishwasher detergent can be harsh, so I wouldn’t do this too often. If you have access to one like I do, an ultrasonic cleaner is perfect.

I hope you find this helpful. Wishing you all many happily frustrated caged days.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

2 thoughts on “Doc’s Chastity Tips for the Long Term Locked

  1. Thanks for the tips. I already use a blow dryer and swabs with foam on the ends; however, the referral for the cleaning solution will be a new addition. As for lube, I’ve found that lanolin cream works for me.


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