Waxing Poetic

I’ve been getting a Manzilian every month (until this month when the Governor closed all “non-essential” business). This involves removing all the hair on my pubes, cock, balls, and ass with wax (I didn’t care about the ass so much, but it’s included and Sir likes it). When I was first caged, it became quickly apparent that having a bush down there was a problem. My hair kept getting caught in my cage when I would move and it was painful. I quickly got out my Wahl clippers and trimmed it down. At that point, Sir decided He wanted His slave’s pubes smooth, shaved it all off and instructed me to keep it that way.

I didn’t actually consult Tripp on the matter, but he seemed to like it, or at least not mind it, and he did agree to lock me and he knew Sir had done it. The problem really was that my hair grows thick and quick, so I was shaving every couple of days, and the coarse hair on my balls was hard to completely remove. I’d always miss a few no matter how careful I was.

Nicking your balls is pretty easy when you shave them. Once I nicked them so badly that I had to put pressure on it for hours to stop the bleeding. It seemed the more often I shaved, the more easily I cut myself. I also seemed to get a lot of ingrown hairs and bumps all around my cock from shaving, which was both unpleasant and unattractive. In short, shaving was a pain in the ass and I was really tired of the hassle.

I tried a depilatory cream (allegedly gentle enough for “intimate use”). That is an experience I can only recommend to hard core bdsm players who enjoy chemical burns on their junk. Let’s just say that was a “no”.

Enter the wax and my lovely “waxologist” Sarah. I did quite a lot of internet research on male waxing and found a salon that did quite a few men. There’s even you tube videos about it. This was also, interestingly, how I found several of the chastity blogs I currently subscribe to, because caged men discuss their pubes a lot. At my first appointment, I booked the full Manzilian. My aesthetician is a lovely young woman who was very good at putting me at ease. We just causally chatted as she applied the wax and mentioned it might hurt a bit. “Rip”. “Jesus Fucking Christ!!!” Okay that hurt. I’d say having my pubes waxed the first time was on par with getting my first tat. As I was pretty hairy, it took about 45 minutes just for my pubes and I had had about enough at that point. My balls, on the other hand, were surprisingly easy and not particularly painful. In fact, I rather enjoyed the hot wax on my balls. My ass was a piece of cake even though I had to position myself like I was going to be fucked (which I have a fair amount of practice with). The absolute worst was the plucking of the stray hairs. I think that was worse than my tat, but only lasted a short time.

When we were finished, I checked out my now very smooth pubes in the mirror and it was fantastic. I’d never been so smooth and I knew Sir would be pleased. Plus, Sarah assured me it would last at least a month (it lasted a bit longer) and that future sessions would be easier, and she was right. I almost didn’t make a second appointment, but I really didn’t want to go back to shaving. One month later I was back in the salon. Sarah asked me about my life, how I liked the wax, why I did it, and all sorts of personal questions, which I mostly answered but didn’t mention my primary motivation (my dick’s in a cage and my Master wants His slave smooth). I just told her my husband liked it, and she told me she likes her boyfriend smooth as well. As the wax was applied, I steeled myself for the intense discomfort I had before, and there wasn’t any. I barely felt it, and it took all of about 10 minutes. My hair was much finer and lighter and it was easy. Instead of the almost 90 minutes the first session took, I was all done in under 30. I even had her do my ears, because as I get older I am getting hair growing in places it is not appreciated.

If you’re interested in getting waxed, I can highly recommend it. It certainly seems to turn Tripp on now and I routinely get fucked the day I’m freshly waxed. Even though he hadn’t really considered it, he likes me smooth and I feel far more submissive without the pube hair. He likes to run his hands over my smooth groin. The feeling of my pants rubbing against smooth bare skin is lovely. There is something about seeing my caged cock next to my hairless pubes which ignites the sub in me. Sir is even talking about removing hair on other parts of my body. He keeps my chest clipped short, and I think I’m going to lose the pit hair soon. He likes His slave smooth. Other than the upkeep, I’m happy to please Him and will be kept however He desires.

Now with the salon closed and my pubes getting hairy again, I am left with the choice of shaving again until the salon is open or something someone on Twitter suggested: sugaring. I decided to order the sugar paste and gave that a try. I’ll let you know how that went soon!


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

3 thoughts on “Waxing Poetic

  1. Before the whole chastity lifestyle, MrsL discovered she liked my pubes gone as well after having a vasectomy. Granted they only recommended shaving the balls but she couldn’t help herself and shaved me clean. She’s insisted on that ever since. I’m now starting to get that “over 50” hair on my back and it drives me crazy. May have to look at the whole Manzilian but do total body!

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