Locktober Surprise

Well, another Locktober approaches. I will, naturally, be participating, as I have for the previous two. Of course, I haven’t been unlocked since that first one in 2018, so locked guys like me participating in Locktober is akin to men who already have mustaches participating in Movember (btw, I’ve had a mustache since I was 16).

I started my full time chastity journey shortly before Locktober, and I didn’t really consider the month that celebrated Genitalus incarceratis when starting. But, I must admit that it did help in my early journey. A whole group of people participating in a month of locked penises, encouraging it, praising it, cheering locked men on was really quite inspiring.

It actually quite amazing, if you think about it, how far we have come in the last few decades. I knew nothing of chastity when I was younger, and if I wanted to see porn, I had to go to a dirty bookstore and buy a magazine. Now, I can see as many dicks as I care to, locked or otherwise, on my handheld device in my living room. I can talk to other kinksters in a way that was impossible not that long ago. Those who grew up with this probably don’t think it miraculous. I remember the moon landing. I remember going to my father’s office to play computer games on their mainframe, which took up an entire set of rooms of the building and connecting to it via a teletype or a green dots on black screen CRT. I remember the first home computers. My best friend got a Commodore 64 with a cassette tape deck for storage. My first calculator cost over $100 (my first car was $500). I had one of the first Macs ever made when I was in college. In my lifetime, we’ve gone from payphones, yellow pages, and expensive long distance to iPhones, google, and worldwide communication at your fingertips. There’s more computer power in my phone than existed on the planet the year I was born. It’s really quite amazing.

All of this technological wizardry allows those who are locked and those who appreciate them around the world to come together to celebrate chastity. Just knowing there were a few people with the same kinks as me when I was younger was amazingly liberating. Sharing it with thousands is, well, mind blowing. Even though I’m locked already, Locktober is a celebration of chastity and I plan on cheering on my fellow locked boys.

To all my fellow locked men, those who hold the keys, and those who appreciate them, you have inspired me and given me the strength to live my truth. Stay strong, stay locked, and happy Locktober.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

3 thoughts on “Locktober Surprise

  1. Great post and very encouraging. This will be my first Locktober and feeling the support of other guys locked in chastity will make this happen for me. Thanks

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