Titanium Anniversary

It seems like only yesterday, but I’ve been locked in the Steelwerks Titanium Anatomic Cage for over a year. It arrived on my doorstep and was on my cock in early March, 2020, just in time to lock down my cock for the lockdown we all suffered. My cock was already locked in the Tiffany, but the TAC was the next step.

Even though this was probably one of the worst years ever, I have to report that the TAC is absolutely the best cage I have had the privilege of being locked in. Living in it has been incredibly easy and the time has flown by. It hardly seems like it has been an entire year since that box from Canada arrived.

The craftsmanship is, of course, flawless and other than needing a polishing now and then, the cage is pretty much indestructible. It’s also incredibly comfortable, which makes sense as it was custom fitted to my cock. There have been almost no issues. It’s also super easy to keep clean and fresh, thanks to it’s all titanium construction. No more cage stank! The hollow PA continues to be an item of genius (I mean, Kink Nobel Prize level). I can pee standing with no spray or mess, just like any unlocked cock (actually, maybe better….some boys are messy).

In the past year, I think my cock has been out of the cage for maybe 20 hours total, counting cleaning/shaving time and the one trip to my physician’s office. I can’t imagine not being locked anymore, so I do notice when it’s off, and I feel rather weird without it.

The solid ring is wider than my previous cage’s, which has some enormous advantages. My balls were almost always swollen with my other cages. This ring spreads the pressure around my sac and generally prevents that, unless I’m hard, in which case until someone figures out an expandable yet secure cock ring, Doc’s gonna get blue balls. I doubt there is any cage that can accommodate the size change I get when I get a stiffy. At least they go down once Doc jr. is less excited. And speaking of stiffies, there is no feeling quite like being hard in the TAC. This is one area that no other cage can compare to. Because this cage is molded to my cock, it doesn’t distort my anatomy (other than preventing a full size erection). It’s not trying to force my cock into a shape that doesn’t exist in nature. Hard ons in other cages can be uncomfortable (and perhaps that is the point for some people). Hard-ons in the TAC are amazing. I love the feeling of filling that cage. My cock slips into it like a silk glove. You have to experience it to appreciate the difference.

Small niggles: the bottom opening for the PA is actually larger than the Tiffany and I get occasional pinching there when I’m hard. Not often, but now and then. It’s not enough of an issue to do anything about, but if I’m ever lucky enough to visit the factory, I’ll ask Chris to make the opening smaller somehow, or maybe change to the newer style PA that doesn’t need to exit the bottom of the cage. Also, I sometimes pooch out of the front opening for the PA, but hey, that just means Doc is having a good time. My cage is just over 4 inches and Doc jr. is around 7 when he’s fully erect, so it has to go somewhere. It’s not a design issue, just a Doc issue.

All this doesn’t come cheap, but if, like me, you are spending basically the rest of your life caged, then you owe it to yourself and your soon to be unused cock to lock it in the very best. Being locked had always been a dream of mine. Being locked permanently was never even a fantasy, but it’s my reality and one that has been amazing, thanks to Steelwerks and the TAC.

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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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