Irregularly Regular

Something’s happening to me. I’ve come twice in a row from ball and ass play, with permission of course. I’ve come from it before, but it was very occasionally and only after a very long period of denial. Also, it didn’t happen consistently. I’d get close sometimes, but then it would ebb and no matter how hard I was worked over, it just never reached that point again. The only fairly consistent way to make me come was with the wand on my cage, so if Tripp wanted me to come, that’s how he did it. But he didn’t do it often. I didn’t come much.

I had some goals for my chastity. First, I wanted to please my then Sir and be the best slave I could be. Other than to torment it, Sir wasn’t particularly interested in my cock, which is how it should be. For Sir, my cock was just another toy he could use as he wished. My focus was on pleasing him, taking his pain, and taking his seed. Any thoughts of an orgasm were few and far between. Occasionally he would unlock me and have me jerk off for him. Just as I was about to climax, he would smack or twist my balls or my nips HARD, or smack me, or shock my balls. He wanted me to associate any pleasure I got with pain from Him, and it worked. Still, He very rarely unlocked me.

Second, I wanted to fulfill my very long term fantasy of being locked for long periods. That happened quickly and organically, as what was supposed to be a couple of weeks became essentially forever without any active thought. It was just so obvious to everyone involved that I was meant to be caged. Plus, the denial aspects became a major kink. Getting me all hot and bothered with no way to achieve a release drove me wild.

Finally, I did want to experience getting more pleasure from other parts of my body. I had read multiple blogs and talked to several long term chastity players about the changes that happened to them. I wanted to be more focused on my holes. I wanted to want to be fucked often. I used to like to be fucked, but didn’t go out of my way to get it. Mostly, I did the fucking.

The first time I came from being fucked was a revelation. But it didn’t happen regularly. In fact, its only happened a couple of times. The first time Tripp made me cum from ball play was one of the best orgasms I ever had, but again, that was very inconsistent (and I hadn’t cum in months).

Lately, it’s been different. There’s probably a number of factors involved. After Sir and I broke up, I lost a of my sub headspace that I enjoy and my outlet for it. Tripp is wonderful, and he can be dominant, but it’s not quite the same. But thanks to a particular Alpha who had taken over my ass, I’ve been really feeling that headspace again. I’ve been plugged almost daily, and he’s been slowly progressing me to larger and larger things in my ass. I’ve grown to look forward to his orders.

I’ve already told you about my first nocturnal emission the other week. A few days ago, Tripp was playing with my balls after I’d had a stretcher on them for the day (again thanks to Alpha). I started getting close. He started smacking them harder and I came for him. That’s not super unusual as it had been several months since my last orgasm (if you don’t count the wet dream). Then, the following day, Tripp was playing with my plug as we lay in bed. I started moaning and writhing and he tugged in my nips. I started to get that deep in the balls feeling and knew I was going to come. He let me shoot again. I have never had 2 orgasms in 2 days without some form of cock stimulation, and yet it happened easily.

Tripp said “it looks like you don’t need that cock anymore”, and I think he’s right. At least, I hope he is, because having my ass and balls as the source of my sexual pleasure is exactly what I want and need, and after almost 3 years locked, it seems like it’s happening, at least I hope it is.

I don’t know, but after all these years, I think I am finally becoming the man I am meant to be; a locked boi/slave whose ass, balls, and nips are wired to his pleasure centers. At least, I hope so.

Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

4 thoughts on “Irregularly Regular

  1. I started to get that deep in the balls feeling and knew I was going to come. He let me shoot again. I have never had 2 orgasms in 2 days without some form of cock stimulation, and yet it happened easily.

    Tripp said “it looks like you don’t need that cock anymore”, and I think he’s right.

    Episodes like this really point up just how much sex is happening inside our own heads. 😉

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    1. I am also not sure. I come relatively easily just by anal/ball play. And the cage actually provides the last bit of stimulation necessary to push me over. I find it much harder to predict than without a cage.

      In the beginning, I was completely disappointed. We think of steel cages in terms of the “security” they supply. Of course, we know, that with wand massagers et al. we can come in our cages. But being able to come from touching the anus or balls is kind of defeating the whole device…

      But now I still like being caged and it gives me the feeling of being kept. Years ago, you already wrote about how the whole idea of “enforced” male chastity was mostly in our minds. No device could really keep us chaste for long, if we did not want to. Thus, I accept that it is not primarily the cage that keeps me from masturbating.


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