Designing Men

My first chastity device was a cb2000 that I bought some 20 odd years ago. It was a complicated bit of plastic with hinges, spacers, posts, etc. The first time I slept in it, my nocturnal erection split the seam on the device, I tossed it out the next day. When “the Curve” came out, I tried that. It didn’t have the problem with splitting as it was more solid, but honestly, it was too big and very obvious in my pants. Then the cb6000 came out, and it was my go to device for many years. Still, it was complicated and pinchy, but it worked (mostly). Overall, I was unhappy with the CB line, but that was pretty much all there was, and I was only ever locked for a few days at a time.

I’m a grower. I’m not bragging here, its just what it is. My flaccid cock is on the smaller side and I have fairly large balls (grade AA Extra Large, see for yourself here. NSFW warning). Flaccid, I’m about 2.5 inches. Hard, I’m a tad over 7 inches. In a device that is effective in preventing my cock from growing in length, it grows in girth at the base, a lot. Most of the standard size rings are too small for me and cause blue balls at the first hint of a stiffy or too large and a woody pushes the cage so far forward it looks like my erection is wearing a hat. Many of the devices try to push your cock down but my balls won’t let that happen, so the ring angles forward under my scrotum and causes pressure wounds.

Being locked 24/7, it is incredibly important to have a well fitting device, I have two that work for me. One is a 3D printed plastic model from Evotion. It doesn’t try to bend my cock down so the ring doesn’t angle. I was able to have them make me a ring that was exactly the correct size for me, a gap large enough for my bull balls, and the cage is custom printed to fit my flaccid cock. It also fits into my PA and is incredibly secure. Putting it on is tricky. Once it’s on though, its good. I’ve worn it for days and days with no issues.

You can see my Evotion cage here

My daily cage is from Steelwerks Extreme. It is entirely custom, elegant, effective, and rarely causes any problems. It’s so good that I actually never need to remove it. The hollow PA is magic: it keeps me securely locked and yet lets me pee (and shoot, if allowed) like I’m not wearing a device. Once a month it comes off for my waxing, and it comes off for medical appointments and airports, but otherwise, its on for good. I have the Tiffany, which is a combination of steel and titanium.

You can see my Steelwerks cage here

I chose all of the cages I have. Since I got my original Steelwerks cage, the magicians there have come out with even better designs and I decided to upgrade. I live my life in this cage, so if something even better comes along, I’m going to be interested in it (also, Drew got one and I was exceedingly jealous). This time, though, I asked Tripp to design the cage. Steelwerks sent him several options for the all-new Tiffany 2.0. Tripp and I sat together and looked at all the possibilities (he owns my cock, after all), It was truly exciting to be sharing this with my husband. It makes it feel far more like we are on this journey together.

Tripp decided on a fully enclosed Tiffany 2.0 with an anatomic head. It’s a bespoke cage. Sort of a hybrid of their standard Tiffany 2.0 and their Crucible cage. There were 3D printed models involved in getting the right fit. The tube and head are all one piece and smooth and slick. The base ring is solid and wider. He told me that he liked the look and that he doesn’t really want to see any portion of my cock anymore. He feels that if he is going to lock my dick away, it should be complete and there should be no way I can touch any part of it. I think what he designed is beautiful. I love the fact that all I will see is gleaming metal between my legs, and I love the fact that I will be wearing what he wants on his cock. I’ll miss his teasing the head of my cock through the vent holes, but it’s a small price to pay to wear Tripp’s cage. We can’t wait until it arrives.


Note: if you, dear reader, would like to see pictures of my cock in its prison, check out my twitter feed @chastepeter1

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