I have a new kink: orgasm denial. You can teach an old dog new tricks. I didn’t know it was a kink until it happened.

At the start of my chastity journey, Tripp gave me a lot of orgasms. Every time we had sex, I came (caged though, always caged. I love caged comes, even more than uncaged). One time, Tripp was playing with my caged cock, teasing it with a magic Wand. He edged me for about an hour, but kept me from an orgasm. It was electric. I was so hard, and so horny, and every time he touched me, my body convulsed. I wanted to come so bad, and yet I didn’t want this feeling to stop. He didn’t let me come. He left me hard and humping the air and pathetically rubbing my cage. “You want to come, don’t you?” He asked. “Yes” I whispered. “But you can’t” he laughed. “No” I whimpered. And Tripp had a twinkle in his eye. I stopped getting orgasms so often. He liked teasing me, and there was no way I was going to interfere with his developing Dom feelings. But I discovered something else; I liked not being allowed to come. I liked being left hard and horny and leaking. I liked feeling that power over me. I liked the submissive aspect of being denied, and I liked what it did to me.

You’ll recall that 1.5 years ago I asked my husband Tripp to lock my dick up. At the beginning, we thought it would be for a few days or weeks at a time. It quickly became permanent. We both were enjoying what my being caged was doing for our relationship. I was no longer able to masturbate. If I wanted an orgasm, I had to get one from Tripp. Our sex life blossomed because I like having orgasms and I wanted him to give me them (turns out you can’t turn a Dom into a complete sub overnight). Then Tripp figured out that even if I wanted an orgasm, he didn’t have to give me one.

The longer I am denied, the hornier I get. I feel like a teenager again. My cock is hard all the time. I have very vivid sex dreams. My desire to be fucked increases exponentially. I start leaking pre-come a lot and I find that sexy. When I do get fucked, I have anal/prostate orgasms which are mind blowing. And once, the most amazing thing happened; I had a dildo in my ass while Tripp was beating my balls, and I came. I had an honest to goodness orgasm without any penile stimulation, which has never happened since I was 12. I shot several feet. Seriously, it flew over the bed and landed on the floor. I loved it. I love being denied.

Thumper talks about how much his being locked and denied transferred his pleasure to making his partner come. He gets his pleasure from theirs. That doesn’t really translate to my situation, as Tripp has chemo dick and only very rarely gets an erection. He prefers being fucked and I am very happy to use a strap on because he prefers to be fucked with large dildos, but he doesn’t really want to be fucked very often. His body doesn’t cooperate like it did when we first met. I used to make him come by fisting him. I haven’t had my fist in him in quite some time. I would love to make Tripp come every day. I would love to make his ass happy. If his dick worked, I would suck him as often as possible and would love to feel him come in my mouth and my ass. I want his pleasure to become mine, but it’s not going to happen. I do get to experience that with Sir, but it has always been that way with Him, even before I was locked.

Tripp still does things to me please me. He likes to please me. I don’t know if he will ever fully embrace a Dom role, but he is growing and changing and it will be what it will be. He has certainly come light years from where we started. So he denies me, because I like it. That’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy it. He does, but I doubt he would deny me for more than a few weeks if I didn’t beg him to (and I do). He denied me for 235 days (there was much begging), until I came on New Years Eve (and that was not entirely intentional). He gave me another orgasm last night with the wand . I’m ready to go longer. I’m ready to be teased mercilessly and be denied forever. I want to come only because he’s hurting me or fucking me and I only want to come caged. In my case, denial has been a very good thing.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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