The Forever Cage

Yesterday the cage that Tripp chose for “his” cock and the incredible artisan Christopher at Steelwerks Extreme brought to life arrived and was almost immediately placed on said cock. Having spent a mere 24 hours in my new home, I thought I’d give you my initial impressions.

This isn’t really a review because this is a completely bespoke device. It was made specifically for me, based on my measurements and Tripp’s desires. The cage had to meet three basic criteria: it had to be comfortable to be locked 24/7/365, it had to completely encase the cock and prevent me from having any external contact with my dick, and it had to look fucking hot. So far, it has exceeded our wildest dreams.

As for comfort, as it’s bespoke, it fits like a glove. It is very much a second skin for my dick, albeit a titanium one. Since it is completely titanium, it is incredibly strong yet light weight. It weighs significant less than the Tiffany cage I have worn for the past year or so. I’ve been to the gym with it on and I can definitely work out more easily. It’s also stealthier than my previous cage due to some ingenuous modifications. It doesn’t look like I’m caged, just well hung. The PA sits flush and the cage is angled a bit more downwards, which I appreciate, particularly on leg day. I also love the new style attachment, as it’s smooth and slick and covers the part of my cock that is not in the tube.

Speaking of the PA, we decided to upsize to a 0 gauge, which was a good choice. The Steelwerks hollow PA serves two functions: to secure the cage and to let you pee standing. The previous 2 gauge was secure, but peeing was sometimes haphazard and I would leak around it. That seems to no longer be an issue with the 0 gauge as I have peed just like a real boy quite consistently.

Encasement is complete. I can’t see my cock or feel it from the outside. I can feel my cock wrapped securely inside the tube, but I have no access to any part. My previous cage allowed some stimulation through the vent holes at the cap. I realized the difference as I absentmindedly slipped my hand down there and rubbed the head. I wasn’t even consciously aware I had done that, but I was very aware now as there is zero access and feeling nothing but metal in my hand and nothing in my cock was a delightful surprise and is exactly what the cage was designed to do. Tripp doesn’t want me to have any access whatsoever. The base ring is a single piece which sits very nicely around my cock and balls and so far the ball swelling I usually get hasn’t happened.

As for looking hot, I’ll let you decide for yourself here. I’m not sure what to call the cage. Technically, it’s a Titanium Anatomic Cage. I think maybe we should call it the TACtical. Or maybe I’ll take a page from @Dualdrew and call it the “Tripp”.

Working with Mr and Mrs Steelwerks was as much fun as working with Tripp. This whole adventure actually started with me requesting a scrotal cuff for my old cage and somehow morphed into a completely bespoke cage for my dick. Months later, we’re still working on the ball piece. Some people like what they do, some people love what they do, Christopher seems to live for what he does. The conversations we had were truly a collaboration and I could just hear it in his voice when he got an idea that excited him. There were times he was just giddy and I think more excited than Tripp and I! I don’t know if Chris would consider me a friend as we’ve never actually met or compared cocks (although he has seen more pics of mine than I care to mention), but he sure makes you feel like you are a friend. He called and texted me whenever he had a brilliant idea and he kept me informed every step of the way. He sent me a lot of pictures (and also the admonishment NOT to put them up in public…touchy touchy). This is my second cage from Chris and he took just as much care the first time around. You can tell that, no matter whether he is making a one of a kind design or just a PA, he puts a tremendous amount of care and effort into each item he creates.

I know Steelwerks is not an option for everyone. They are no doubt pricey. However, if your precious cock is locked permanently like mine and you have the resources, you’ll be very glad you put your cock in Steelwerks. For me, it’s more about the journey than the destination. If you care more about getting there and don’t care how uncomfortable you are, you fly Ryan Air. I’d rather fly Etihad or Singapore, even if it costs a bit more.


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