Bi the Way…

I was at a pan-sexual leather bdsm event a few years ago with Sir. He was giving a class on cock and ball torture and I was his demonstration object. He went over a number of techniques and culminated the class by giving out leather laces for people to practice tying up balls (mostly mine). There was one man there with a stunningly gorgeous cock and set of nuts, as well as a great body and handsome face. He was there with his wife, sadly.

Later that night was the play party and Sir hadn’t locked me. Sir had me on a cross and was flogging me, but I had a hard time focusing because I had never played in a pan-sexual atmosphere before and the moans and squeals of the women were distracting to me. I was just not used to hearing them and it messed with my head. Sir took me off the cross and after a while, took me to a quieter corner, hooded me, and strapped me to an exam table. He put an electro-plug in me and an electrode around my cock and sent me to heaven. When he finished, he removed the hood and my very handsome gentleman from the class was watching me, and was clearly excited. He asked Sir if he could touch me and was given permission to run his hands over my body and play with my cock.

Sir told me to take a break as He wanted some play time with others, so I went to the refreshment area. Mr Gorgeous cock was there and we talked. He asked if I wanted to hook up with him and his wife. I explained that he would have to get Sir’s permission and that I really wasn’t into girls (I’m not). He got Sir’s permission and explained that his wife wouldn’t participate but wanted to watch, which was just fine by me. I’ve always liked an audience and they had both already played with my balls earlier in the day.

He took me to their room where introductions happened. They both complimented me on my performance in the class and told they were very turned on by it. We had a couple of drinks and I learned more about them. The wife put a thick leather collar on gorgeous and excused herself to go to the bathroom. Gorgeous and I sat together on the bed as he made his moves and started stroking my thigh and kissing me. The foreplay went on until Mrs G came back and suggested the two of us get undressed.

When I saw that stunning hard cock, I naturally had to have it in my mouth. I sucked Gorgeous for quite some time and mentioned how much I’d like it in my ass. Mrs G told us she wanted to see him fuck me, but she wanted to see me fuck him as well. I thought that was eminently fair.

He slipped that beautiful cock (it had to be 8 or 9 inches) into my very willing ass. After he pounded me, we swapped positions with him on his back at the end of the bed and me standing behind him. As I slipped my cock into his sweet hole, Mrs G came over and straddled his face. As I fucked him, he ate her out. Interestingly, her moans were not at all distracting. In fact, they were rather erotic. I enjoyed watching him please her as I was fucking him. Then Mrs, G turned him around and had him suck me while she pegged him. I have to say I was quite turned on by this and I came down his throat. I then sucked him off while she was finishing fucking him. We all collapsed on the bed in pleasant exhaustion.

I’ve had sex with a woman exactly once before this happened. While I didn’t have sex with Mrs G (and didn’t want to), I’ve not had sex in front of a woman since I was 16, and I have to admit I enjoyed myself. I’m not likely to have that chance again now that I am locked, but it was an experience I’ll always treasure.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

3 thoughts on “Bi the Way…

  1. That is one of my hottest fantasies. I’ve even written a version of said fantasy as a story on my blog. Incredibly hot! 🔥🔥🔥

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