Living in The Titanium Anatomic Cage

The @Steelwerksextreme TAC cage arrived about 5 months ago and has been imprisoning what I used to describe as my penis ever since that day. I thought now might be a good time for a longish term update (I mean, considering that this thing is going to be on me for years and years, 5 months isn’t that long). But in that short time, this device has become a part of me. It is about as perfect as a permanent device can be, although as with all cages, there are some little things I could quibble about.

In no way is this meant as a review, as this item is bespoke, and even if you ordered one for yourself, yours would be different. This was designed for my anatomy. Also, I realize a device (and I hesitate to call it a device because I don’t see it as separate from my being anymore) like this is expensive and not an option for many. It may as well be made of unobtanium for most (actually, can Steelwerks get some unobtanium? Asking for a friend).

This cage had to meet three criteria: it had to completely encase my cock (Tripp specified no fleshy bits of my former penis could show), it had to be wearable 24/7/365 (Sir and Tripp have decided I am staying locked), and it had to be beautiful.

I’d have to say that the TAC has fulfilled all its requirements and then some. There are no easily visible vestiges of my flesh. Sure, it you turn it over you can see a bit where the PA exits, but for the most part, I’m completely encased. As for wearability, it is the most wearable cage I have ever owned (and I’ve owned a number of them). All my previous cages caused some issues, usually involving my scrotum. Most of them caused pain and even pressure wounds at the bottom of the ring because of the quirks of my anatomy (I have really large balls and a big sack that tilts the ring upwards). My previous cage was a Steelwerks Tiffany, and while it never caused a wound, it did cause irritation that required frequent applications of cortisone or lidocaine cream. The TAC doesn’t do that. I’ve had zero issues at the sensitive spot. The other issue every other cage caused was pretty significant scrotal swelling. I’d have to soak in a hot tub to get my balls to relax. Again, that’s all thanks to the base ring issues. I’ve had zero problems with my sack in this cage, even through the gap is actually smaller than on the Tiffany. Other than when I’m hard, my low hangers do indeed hang low.

I think there are two major reasons for the lack of issues; one is the cage is extremely light weight thanks to it’s all titanium construction: it doesn’t pull down on my sac like other cages. Second, the base ring is wider (the cage design allows a wider ring) which spreads any pressure more evenly. Whatever the reason, all those issues I’ve had with cages are gone, so it is completely wearable for my permanent lockup.

Being fully titanium has another benefit for the forever locked; it is easier to keep clean, even though it’s essentially a solid metal tube. Titanium doesn’t develop a biofilm like steel or plastic does (yes folks, that cage stank is caused by bacteria in a biofilm). It rarely gets stanky, and a quick daily wash with soap and a wash with Hibiclens once a week or so keeps it fresh as a daisy.

As for beauty, well, that is in the eye of the beholder, but this beholder thinks it’s stunning. It’s shape has made it so much easier for my brain to see it as my cock, not as just a cage. This thing is literally molded to my flaccid cock. Its the titanium version of my cock. Steelwerks creations are truly works of art, IMHO.

The TAC and the infamous screws

As for the quibbles, I have a few. My biggest one is the screws. I get it that they are “on brand”. The device is easily identifiable as a Steelwerks cage just by the screws. The fact you need a special screw driver means security is solid. You can’t run down to Homo Depot for an Allen wrench if you want out. But, aligning the driver and the screws is difficult, as in repairing the Hubble telescope while in a space suit difficult. My 50 year old eyes and those tiny screws do not play well together. Should you need to remove it, it ain’t easy and neither is putting it back on. Not that I’m going to an airport anytime soon, and even though it allegedly can go through a metal detector, I’ve always removed my cage or swapped to a plastic one in those cases. It did go through a non-airport metal detector just fine.

The other issue is I have occasionally (rarely) been pinched by the PA. My previous Tiffany had a thin slot that the PA exited through. The TAC has more of a oval slot. The reason for the larger hole, I believe, is that it is challenging to get the PA in because you can’t see your dick. The larger hole makes it a bit easier. But sometimes the fleshy bit protrudes out the bottom and if the cage rotates, it will trap it between the slot edge and the PA. Also, because my urethra and the hole in the front of the cage don’t line up perfectly all the time, I’ve had an occasional pinch there as well. I solved that problem by putting a little O-ring around the PA for a few days until the soreness resolves. I’ve had to do that a couple of times. No big deal. I don’t like how the O-ring changes the look of my cage, but needs must.

All in all, the TAC is about the closest to perfect that I have ever had and I can’t see me changing to another device, although I will admit that a full belt is something I have been really wanting to try. I’m sure Steelwerks could make a few tweaks to resolve the minor issues, but they are so rare as to not make it worth doing. No cage is going to be completely perfect, but this one is damn close.


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