Another Anniversary of a Sort

2 years ago next month, Tripp and I were in Lisbon. I had just received my first metal cage (a Steelworxx) before we left. I’d been living in plastic up until that point. I wore the plastic on the flight over and put on the new cage when we arrived. All seemed well that evening. Tripp liked it. He called me his “man of steel”. I loved it. The steel had a heft that was lacking in the plastic cage. It felt so much more solid.

We spent the next day walking all around Lisbon. It’s truly a beautiful city. By the end of the day, something was just not quite right around my junk. The more we walked, the more painful it became. I powered through for quite some time until I just couldn’t take it anymore. We grabbed an Uber back to the hotel where I immediately pulled off my pants and Tripp gave my cock and balls the once over. It seems the base ring had chafed me quite severely during the day. The ring seemed fine initially, but the walking caused a significant abrasion. File that under “what not to do in a new cage”.

Tripp got the key and unlocked me. As he removed the steel tube, my previously denied cock sprang to full attention. I was so hard that there was no way that cockring was coming off, and it really needed to come off. My free range cock is a little over 7 inches and pretty thick when fully aroused, and right then it was as hard as a rock, with the aforementioned now very tight cock ring only making it swell more and more. If it hadn’t been so painful, it would have been a glorious sight. The pain, however, did nothing to diminish my erection. In fact, it made it harder.

Tripp knew there was only one way to get my cock soft at that point. Being the dutiful husband, Tripp put his mouth around said rock and proceeded to blow me. Tripp has very talented orifices, and he swallowed my very hard manhood down to my balls. You all remember I married a total bottom? I know it doesn’t seem like he is now, but he was, trust me. It wasn’t long before my eyes were rolling back in my head and I was unleashing a torrent of come down his throat. As my cock started to deflate, we were finally able to get the ring off. He left me unlocked that night.

The next morning, things looked better but Tripp decided that I was going to go back to the plastic cage until the ring issue was sorted with the steel. After a few emails back and forth with the manufacturer, we realized the ring was too small and I ordered a larger size, which resolved the issue, eventually. I stayed in plastic until we got home. Being rather new to long term lockage, I didn’t realize that the size ring you can wear without a cage is a fair bit smaller than one you can wear with a cage. I learned that lesson the hard way, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The reason I’m writing about this isn’t to gripe about my ring error, the wound, or to regale you with tales of Tripp’s very talented mouth. It’s because that was actually the last blowjob I have had. I stayed locked for the rest of that year and was only released for a few hours at New Year’s because Tripp wanted to be fucked by my actual penis (something he has evidently gotten over since the strap-on arrived). I’ve been locked since with only caged orgasms here and there, and it has been recently decided that, if I’m ever allowed an orgasm again, it will be caged. Unless something radically changes (and I honestly don’t see that happening), that was the last blow job I’ll ever have. Even though the reason for it was unfortunate, I’m glad it was such a good one.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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