Locking Day

In the last post, I told you about the pup. In case you’re so inclined, he’s @puphermes on Twitter. Please feel free to check out his feed, but be prepared to be envious (fair warning). When pup asked me to lock him and take his cock, well, he didn’t have to ask me twice. Somehow, I just knew we would be a good fit. I know a thing or two about being locked, and he was ready to have his cock privileges taken away. As I said, both Covid and distance are a bit of a problem, as I have never done “remote” control. Luckily, I have very kinky friends.

Once we had established that the pup was getting locked, I texted @jockdgear asking if he had any suggestions. In under 3 nanoseconds, he gave me the information about the best blue tooth lock box. He also just happened to have a few of them laying around, and before you could say “chastity”, he had programmed one of the boxes to my phone and sent it off to the pup. I have the best kink friends. He’s like the Home Depot of kink.

The pup got the lock box on Friday . He’s already in a Cobra cage. We tested the lock box that night and it functioned perfectly. My eager pup was ready to put his keys in right away, but I had a different plan for him.

It’s not his first time in chastity. He’s self-locked for a while, but it is his first time having a Sir who owns his cock and controls his keys. I gave him several orders to complete prior to me locking him. I wanted to make it memorable for him. After all, it’s not every day that you give up your manhood.

His first task was to not play with his ass all day yesterday and today. If you knew him, you would know this is not an easy thing, but he did. I also instructed him to shave his cock and balls and to trim his pubes. I told him to put his steel collar on, to have his plug in and Hitachi wand available and to have his puppy hood on.

After making him wait 24 hours, I FaceTimed him. There he was almost just as instructed. I say almost, because I did tell him to be naked. He was excited and wore leather gear to please me. He did look very tasty in it, so I let that pass. I appreciated the gesture of my pup wanting to please me. He knows his Sir is a leather man, and while he is a rubber pup, he was decked out in leather gear. I mean, I did melt just a bit.

Kneeling before his lock box, I asked him if he was ready. He mumbled he was (through the hood). He placed his keys in the box. I told him to ask me to lock his keys. He asked. I asked him again if he was sure. He was. I told him to close the box, which he did without hesitation. He was (and is) now a locked boy.

“What do you say boy?” I asked. “Thank You, Sir” he replied. And then I ordered him to cum for me. I told him to put the wand on his cage and watched as he proceeded to squirm and writhe his way to his first caged orgasm. I watched his cum explode from his cage as he moaned and thanked me. He was light headed and overwhelmed for several minutes, but we talked through it. We’ve been talking most of the night.

He also asked for and got his rules. Judging by the pictures of his trembling caged cock, I’m going out on a limb and say he likes them.

We’ve made plans to spend a weekend together next month. I already feel very close to him so I have little doubt he will be riding my arm within a few minutes.

For those of you not able to see his a Twitter feed, here are a few pics of his now locked cock and his incredibly hungry ass.

The Ass
The Cage
Hungry Ass and newly trimmed pubes

I’m so proud to call this pup mine.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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