Doc of a Thousand Days

Today is a milestone. I’ve been locked for 1000 days (with many, many more to come). 1000 is just such a nice, solid number, I feel it needs to be celebrated. It’s just another day locked for your boy, but it’s nice place to stop and reflect. It’s been an amazing journey that started with a crappy plastic cage and has morphed into permanent genital incarceration in a bespoke titanium sculpture.

My fascination with cock cages and orgasm denial started probably 25 years ago. The nascent internet (remember dial-up?) was just becoming a thing. I used to get Mr S Catalogues delivered by mail in those days. Living in the Bay Area, mostly we went to the stores in person. That’s where I saw my first cb2000. I wore that cage for exactly 1 day until it split at the seams and trapped my cock like it was caught in a zipper. That cage went in the trash the next day, but the desire to be caged only intensified. What followed were a series of different cages that I wore from time to time, but none that really fit or were actually wearable for more than a couple of days at most.

Sir and I started seeing each other in the late 90’s, and his fascination with locking my dick was very close to my own. He was my first (and for many, many years my only) key holder. I was locked whenever we were together and generally for a day or two before hand. We usually played every weekend, and I would lock myself and drop the key off at his place a couple of days before our sessions. He’d send me home with the key, and we would repeat weekly. I’d stay locked when we would go away together. I spent all of Folsom and IML locked. I think 5 days was the longest. I enjoyed being his boy, or sub, or what have you, but things changed, particularly because locking my dick eventually brought us to a new level, that of my becoming a slave. His owning my cock pushed us further and further until he owned all of me. It’s really that powerful.

When I became his slave, he wanted me to be locked long term. I’d wanted that for a long time. I had to talk to Tripp about that, because it affected him too. I needed him to be okay with it. I’ve told that story before, so no need to go into it. But if you want to read about it, it’s essentially the first post of the blog. You can find it here:

My first long term cage was a Chinese knock off of the Evotion. It was cheap, effective, and reasonably comfortable. It was the cage I was wearing when I came out as locked to Tripp. I wore that one while researching a more durable solution. It didn’t fit great, was often uncomfortable bordering on painful, but it was functional. I moved onto a Steelworxx cage based on Thumper’s recommendation, but it never fit me very well either and caused multiple issues. They eventually mostly got resolved after months of frustration dealing with the owner of the company, but it was not going to be a 24/7/365 cage. I did like the metal far more than the plastic however.

I tried an HT (I needed a plastic cage for travel as I was flying quite a bit then), but they just don’t fit me correctly. Also, any device that doesn’t lock via my PA is less than ideal. I still have my HT, but it’s hard to wear it for more than a day. The ring sizes and shape just don’t work for me. I ditched the HT from rotation and got a custom sized Evotion 3D printed cage, which works quite nicely. I don’t wear it much, but I can wear it long term when necessary. It’s a pain in the ass to put on, but once it’s on, it’s amazingly comfortable and incredibly secure. I’ve never had any issues with it, other than I prefer metal. It’s definitely more functional than beautiful, but it functions flawlessly.

Still, we wanted a metal cage, which led me to Chris at Steelwerks and the first of my cages from them (warning: they are highly addictive). I ordered a Tiffany from him and that became my locked cock’s home for many months. I wore that cage 24/7 with no issues (other than the typical issues all locked men have to deal with. If your junk is in a tube, there’s going to be some issues). Being locked long term gradually became being locked essentially permanently, since everyone agreed that Doc was meant to be locked (not that it necessarily mattered, but Doc agreed 100%). Sir always wanted His slave locked, I wanted it, and Tripp came to want it as well. Eventually Sir and Tripp decided that since we were all on board with Doc being locked essentially forever, and Tripp didn’t like the open look of the cage cap (where my cock head was somewhat accessible and visible), I was to get a new Steelwerks cage that would completely enclose my now unused cock. If my cock wasn’t going go to be used, it shouldn’t be seen either. Also, the original Steelwerks was a bit too short for me. The result was the cage I now live in, the fully titanium anatomic cage, which really is my forever cage and covers my cock completely. All one can see is a titanium prison. It feels different, partly because it’s molded to my flesh cock, and partly because of the mental aspect of seeing and feeling nothing but titanium in my crotch. I don’t look at it as a cock cage, I see it as my cock. Seeing flesh down there would destroy the mental image I have of how I am meant to be. I never developed that feeling before when I could still see flesh, which was an unexpected and amazing surprise.

I’d like to get another cage eventually. Not to replace the current one, but maybe just for an occasional change of pace. I’m really liking the new convertible crucible, but to be honest, Tripp wouldn’t ever let me not use the ring, so it would just be what I have now. Also, I can probably try and jerk off in just a crucible, which is a big no-no. Even if I couldn’t come, I could and probably would stroke, which again is a non-starter, since Doc does not get to play with his cock (also, it’s not my cock anymore anyway). Also, my erections need to be contained. Doc doesn’t get to have big boners anymore. The pressurization of my cage when my 7 hard inches (well, formerly mine) is squeezed into 4.25 inches of titanium is one of the feelings I love most. Also, seeing the fleshy bits would make me feel less me, if that makes sense. There’s always something new from Steelwerks that catches my eye and captures my kinky heart, usually on Drew’s cock (LOL), so maybe someday (I’m looking at you, creature cage…).

My life has certainly changed over these past 1000 days. I used to come daily, if not several times a day. I’ve had exactly one orgasm in 2021, and 5 in the past year, all of them caged and all of them “hands free”. If I come, it’s always caged, and that’s the only way I would want it to be. My flesh cock hasn’t been used since 2018, and I am totally happy about it. Being caged is like Miracle Gro for my submissive side. I’ve wanted this for decades, and it really is so much better than I fantasized. It’s how I am meant to be. I’ve gained a revitalized relationship with my husband, I’ve found amazing kink friends who are also locked or appreciate locked men, I’ve been reclaiming my kink more and more, found an Alpha whom I adore, and have a piece of custom crafted titanium permanently encasing a penis that will never again be sucked or fuck someone. A cock beyond my reach and beyond my touch. Sadly, my relationship with my Master ended due to Covid (he’s fine, it’s the relationship that died). Overall, even with the difficulties of the past year, and the suffering so many went through, it’s been one hell of a ride. Here’s to many more days #lockedinwerks.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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