Irish Eyes

He’s so fucking hot. We have a lot in common. We share kinks and fetishes, particularly gear. I forget how much older I am when I’m with him, except if there’s a mirror around. He thinks I’m sexy. I’m not going to argue. I think I left sexy behind 10 years and 20 pounds ago. He’s funny, outgoing, and very dominant. He’s tall, muscular, pierced, and tatted. He looks so amazing in leather. He looks amazing not in leather. He makes me weak in the knees, which is good because it’s easier to suck him while on my knees.

He’s naturally in control. He points, I swoon. He doesn’t make love to me, he fucks me. There’s minimal consideration for the submissive, which is exactly what I need. He plows into me hard, right from the get go and keeps going relentlessly, with both of my holes. The first time I sucked him, I was ready with all my skills. I was going to tease his cock and lick his balls and play with him before I started in earnest. I was ready to give him an amazing blow job. Instead, I found myself choking on him as he grabbed my head and went right for my throat. He got the blowjob he wanted, not the one I wanted to give him. Damn. He doesn’t even give me time for another hit of poppers. It’s hard to do them when your being pounded mercilessly. Spilled poppers on your mustache is not pleasant, (though it’s effective). He likes pain and impact play. He doesn’t know how much I leaked and how close I came to an orgasm when he played with my nips and smacked my balls. He tastes good. His lips are sweet, his cock is hearty, and his cum is delicious.

The texts he sends me are instant cage tighteners. I told him I was thinking of him. He told me he was thinking of me naked and gagged. I showed him my favorite boots. He told me how good they’ll look while my legs are over his shoulders.

He’s fascinated by my cage. He introduced me to his friends as “Doc, whose been locked for 3 years”. He likes to see it and play with it. He likes me locked. He sees it as a challenge to make me come other ways.

But what gets me most is his accent. He’s Irish, and although he’s embarrassed by his brogue and usually manages to not sound Irish (he sounds kind of Australian when he’s trying not to sound Irish), sometimes he lapses into his native lilt and I just melt. I love it. I could probably cum just from that. I wish he wasn’t ashamed of it, because it really is so damn sexy, just like he is.

Erin go bragh


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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