What’s In a Word?

Boy, pig, slave. I’ve been all of them. What is the difference? Or is there a distinction without a difference? Is it just power exchange in a bdsm relationship by another name? Yes, and no.

Just like with chastity, there is no one right way to have a D/s relationship. Your dynamic as a sub with your Dominant is yours, but for me, there is a subtle, but very real difference in how what my Dominant refers to me as makes me feel.

As a boy, I had a fair amount of free will. There was a lot of negotiation regarding how much power I was willing to give up. It’s one of the reasons why I was a terrible boy. I have a dominant streak, and if I have a chance to Top, even from the bottom, I usually assert myself (or at least, I used to). So much so that in my first Daddy/boy relationship, it morphed into a much more of a “partner” idea than a D/s power exchange. Sure, I was his bottom, but I had a lot of say in the when, where, and why. He still called me boy, and I still felt submissive much of the time, but I always felt free to say no if I wasn’t feeling it.

With my former Master, before I accepted his collar as his slave, he had a very detailed conversation with me. By becoming his slave, I was giving up all control. I was giving up the “no”. The answer was always to be yes. I was not allowed a safe word, could not ask him to stop, could not refuse an order, and was always to answer yes Sir. He did give me the option of asking for a time out if I was overwhelmed, where we would discuss what was going on, but he could resume if he desired. It was a very different dynamic and one I entered into with considerable thought and absolute trust.

Now, I’m my Sir’s pig. We have briefly discussed my desires to be a slave, but he is cautious about moving there at this time. Is there a difference between a boy and a pig? I know a lot of very piggy boys. So, a boy can certainly be a pig, but in my case, a pig is not a boy. It’s somewhere between boy and slave. As a pig, he expects quite a bit of submission with very little resistance, but I do have some hard limits that he needs to respect. In truth, I wouldn’t become a slave to someone who was interested in pursuing the activities I categorically refuse to participate in. These are practices I consider unacceptably dangerous. But in every other way, I feel a slave. I am owned. He has said so many times. He owns my body, and he can do pretty much what he pleases with it. I feel like being called his pig is basically being a slave in waiting. It’s not quite a slave, but it’s close.

Still, he is my Sir, not my Master, and I am his pig, not his slave, and therein lies a world of difference in our dynamic. I think it’s a good middle ground for the moment and for where we are at. The relationship is too new for me to commit to being his slave, yet it is more intensely D/s than being merely his boy. Pig is the term he chose. I might prefer slave under consideration, or something along those lines, but ultimately what he calls me doesn’t matter. What matters is how he makes me feel, and how I please him.

Sexually, I am, to be honest, a pig. I love piss, spit, and cum on me or in me. I want to be used. I have few limits, but I do have a one or two (my hair is a hard limit…not my body hair, my head hair…touch it and die). But I do feel I have the right to say no Sir at this point in time if I’m not up for something, which as a slave is not an option. And I feel Sir respects that. I think it’s a good place for us to be in right now, and maybe that’s where we will stay. I’m okay with that. I’m getting what I need and I think he is getting what he needs as well, and in the end, that’s really all it’s about.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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