A Funny Thing Happened…

Not that long ago I was rather unceremoniously dumped, via text, by a Dom days before we were going to see each other. It wasn’t the most pleasant thing that has happened, but in a way, it has been one of the best things that has happened to me in a while.

Out of that experience and subsequent blog post, a number of amazing people have come into my life and the kink side of my life has been blossoming in new and unexpected ways. One of the perks of putting your life out there in the blogosphere is that people (a few, at least), actually read it and some even connect with it. Several people, whom I only occasionally chatted with via comments or DM’s reached out with support and care, and we connected on a much deeper level. The group of men and subs in Oregon who kind of “adopted” me are amazing. They really made me feel special again. I’ve made a brother for life with one of them. I’ve also become much closer to a number of locked boys and a few Doms, including Sir Marc, who I had a chance to meet a couple of weeks ago and with whom I clicked. Sir Marc is a locked Dom. I got to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday evening with him and my best (and oldest) kink friend, @jockdgear. Sir Marc and I texted numerous times over the ensuing weeks, and He indicated an interest in becoming my keyholder. He also invited me to a party celebrating Tom of Finland’s birthday this past Sunday.

The party was amazing. It was nice to actually put on gear (at least the gear that still fits around my pandemic paunch) and go out again. I met a number of incredible people and had a lovely time. I really have missed that, more than I thought. When Sir Marc told me he wanted my keys, I agreed. He was rather busy being the charming host, so we didn’t get much time together, unfortunately.

Kicking back at the party

I wasn’t sure exactly how this would all work, but I have to admit, He has taken this to a place I could only dream of. He’s also relatively local, which is a huge plus. Sir Marc let me choose the “dick” he will attach to his belt when he wants to fuck. He also made it very clear that I am to be locked at all times (except for maintenance, medical stuff, etc with permission) and that my last orgasm was actually my last. The irony is that hearing that made my cage incredibly tight and it has been all day. My cock is “no longer my concern” and I couldn’t be happier about it. That’s really the ultimate for a locked man, isn’t it? It’s fantasy made real. I’m so much more aware of my metal cock now than I have been for a while, and that’s all it is, a metal “cock”.

My social calendar is actually (for me) getting relatively full. I’m not a social butterfly. but many of the folks I met are local and we are planning on getting together (for lunch or something…get your minds out of the gutter). I’m reconnecting with the local leather/kink community again. That’s a part of my life I have sorely missed.

I don’t know where this is all heading, but I’m going to enjoy the ride and make the most of the opportunities that have come my way. It really is a brotherhood of sorts among gay kinksters, and I feel blessed at finding a place in it again.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

One thought on “A Funny Thing Happened…

  1. That’s so nice to hear that things are going well. Yes there are people reading your blog – I am one of them. Thanks for sharing. I may end up creating my own at some point here. You are giving me some good inspiration.

    Cheers and congratulations 🙂

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