New rules

I kinda like that Tripp wanted to respond to my post. I’ve decided that I’m only going to let him do that on occasion. After all, this is my blog, but if there is something that is affecting us in real time and he feels I’m not being fair to him, I’ll let him have his say (yeah, I’m a blog Dom!).

Anything else I write about is off limits. He’s free to leave comments just like anyone else. So, I expect he will pop up from time to time. I don’t intend for this blog to become a conversation between me and Tripp, however.

On the plus side for me, Tripp agreed to not allow me an orgasm for at least a month, and if I’m a good boy, we will go longer. By good, he means not excessively needy. So, while a month is guaranteed (12 orgasms a year at most), longer periods of denial are based on my behavior being acceptable to him. I think that’s fair. Since when did coming become a punishment? Kink can be weird (and wonderful).


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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