Missing Sir

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to see Sir, and it seems it will be a while yet until I can again. I miss feeling His power. I miss His scent. I miss His cock. I miss His come. But protecting Sir and my loved ones (and everyone else) is my number one priority, so I will continue to do what is asked of all of us, despite what that primal part of my brain wants.

We’ve been texting and FaceTiming, and He is giving me tasks and orders. I’m wearing what He wants. I’ve ridden a dildo in His virtual presence and beat my balls for Him at His order. As I write this, my clamped nips are burning. It’s a poor substitute for His touch, His beautiful cock penetrating me deeply and His seed being pumped into me, but needs must. I am longing to feel Him inside me, it’s an ache that can’t be sated.

When things are more normal, I plan on spending hours sucking him. I want Him to fill my mouth and throat with His come, and then fill my ass as well. I’ve never taken Him for granted, but I feel an acute need to demonstrate how badly His slave misses Him. I’ve got weeks of slave energy I need to dispel. If He thought He had a good slave before, He ain’t seen nothing yet. I want to curl up in His being and just exist in His space. It is amazing to me just how badly I miss Him, and how badly I need my time as His property. It keeps me grounded. Honestly, I want to be fucked again and again by Him until neither of us can walk properly. I don’t miss being fucked, I miss being fucked by Him.

All of us our missing loved ones. I’m far from alone. But I don’t think I ever fully appreciated what serving Him does for me until recently. I get lost in Him and his absence is acutely felt. Still, I will get through it and stay as connected to Him as possible. I can see His cock. I can watch Him jerk off and imagine His come is for me to swallow. I can try to keep Him happy and serve Him the best I can while keeping our distance. I can plow my ass for Him. Our connection is not fragile and won’t break, but nothing can take the place of being with Him.

So we keep on keeping on, as they say. The longing just reminds me of how much I actually love Him, not just what He does with me or to me, but Him. I love Tripp as well. I love Tripp more than anything, but there’s room in my heart for as much love as it can give. Soon enough, we’ll all be together again.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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