He called me boy

Last night was another date night. I dressed for dinner in my full body harness, vest, leather pants, and boots. Tripp put my steel collar on me. We had a lovely dinner. I like dressing for Tripp. I feel sexy and I like it when he locks the heavy collar around my neck. Plus, in these times, it’s nice to get out of sweat pants and pretend things are normal.

After dinner, Tripp had to deal with his pump. It’s one of the nights he has to swap out reservoirs and such. That takes about 30 minutes. I suggested something to do while he was busy. I got out the wrist and ankle restraints and my hog tie for him. Tripp smiled and put me in the restraints. “You want to spend a half hour on your belly?”, he asked. I did.

Here’s the thing. Tripp has never tied me down before. Oh, he’s cuffed me, but he’s never put me into serious bondage. He also got the blindfold (I have a huge collection of bondage gear). He left me on the bed like that as he took care of his pump issues. He left me there squirming and humping the mattress and getting hornier and hornier. He took pics of me as well.

When he was ready, he rolled me over, still hog tied and started slapping my balls and twisting my nips. You all know by now how much that turns me on. I’m now geared, and bound, and being very erotically abused. I don’t exactly know where it came from, other than the similarities to the time I spend with Sir, but I asked him if I was his boy. “Your my boy”, he said, “my locked boy”. Then I called him Sir. I’ve never called Tripp Sir before in my life. Tripp use to call me Sir, but “Yes Sir” came out of my mouth and it felt right. “You’re my locked, collared boy”, he told me. That just sent me. It’s where I’ve wanted to go with him and where we need to go. “I own that caged cock”, he said.

He teased and kissed me for quite some time. He reminded me I’m not going to come for a while, all of which made it incredibly hard not to come (and also made me incredibly hard). As we seemed to be in a transitional moment, I asked if I could wear the collar all the time, and he said yes. He said he wants me collared. All of this just seemed to come organically in the moment. I feel like we have been working towards this dynamic and somewhat dancing around it. I’ve never been sure that Tripp would want me to call him Sir. I didn’t want to make it weird, but it just seemed right.

Last night was the first night I slept in Tripp’s collar. He’s always taken it off at night before we go to sleep, but not last night. When I woke up collared this morning, it just felt perfectly normal and correct. I wear the collar quite a lot, but’s it’s not been a permanent thing like my cage, but it is now. Today, I had to go pick up some equipment. It’s not unusual for me to wear a collar, but Tripp usually takes it off if I’m going out and about for any length of time. Today, I left the house collared and he just kissed me and told me he’d see me when I got home. He sent me off to the muggle world in his collar. He’s looking for a more subtle collar to send me to work in on the days I’m not wearing a shirt and tie, though I prefer the heavy steel I must admit.

Tripp has been noticeably stepping up his Dom game the last few weeks. I’m guessing this was just the next logical step. This morning as he pushed a plug into me, I said “thank you Sir” and he told me I was a good boy. Given where we started in our relationship 12 years ago, I never would have predicted where we are now, but I can honestly say it’s been an amazing ride and I am looking forward to what the future with my two Sirs brings.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

2 thoughts on “He called me boy

  1. I am happy for you and Tripp!

    Not sure why, but my MrsL’s Steelheart is having to throttle an attempted erection from reading this post! Thanks!

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