My cock is in a cage. Much of the time; they exist as two things. I know it’s in a metal tube, isolated from the world. I can touch my cage, I can move it up and down slightly, I can twist it side to side. I can slip a swab in to clean it or pull my skin around here and there. I can feel the cage on me. It’s my cage, placed by the men who own my cock. But every so often, something magical happens. As I get exited, my cock swells to completely fill its home. The cage is 4.5 inches, my hard cock is 7. The flesh of my cock presses so hard against the walls of the cage that there is zero space left within. My cage rapidly warms to body temperature. The base ring gets tighter and tighter as my trapped erection swells the base of my cock. My balls swell as the base ring grabs my package like a vice and restricts venous blood flow. They change color to a darker version of their normal tone. The slack in my cage disappears. My cock and it’s cage merge into one, my cage becoming a part of my body. If I pull or twist, cock and cage move as one unit. There is no give. It’s as if my cock had grown into and become one with its titanium prison. There is no separate movement. I couldn’t get anything between the two if I tried. As I stare at it, all I can see is a titanium dick. I stroke it and somehow, somewhere in the back of my brain, I am stroking myself. I can almost feel it. The distinction between cock and cage is gone and it merges into something different. I am one with it.

The feeling of my cock being there and not being there is intense and difficult to describe if you’ve never experienced it. Pull on it, and you are pulling on my cock, not my caged cock. My brain recognizes it. The sensations are different, not absent. I think that’s why the wand sends me. It’s not vibrating my cage, it’s vibrating my entire cock, like it’s being stroked on the inside and the outside. It’s the most intense thing I’ve felt. A handjob, blowjob, or a fuck is nice, but it’s nothing compared to the intense feeling of having your entire cock ringing like a bell. These are roll your eyes into the back of your head sensations. And to be honest, I prefer it. My cage, cock, body, and brain have merged into something else. Touch me anywhere during this and electricity sparks and flows throughout me, setting every nerve ending aflame. If I’m allowed to come and given a choice, it’s how I prefer to be allowed to come.

I didn’t expect this to happen. It’s one of the many surprises that being locked has given me, but it’s undeniable. The vision I have of myself is not with the fleshy item that used to be my penis, it’s the solid titanium that is now my cock, particularly when they intertwine and the difference ceases to exist. The anatomic cage has ramped those feelings, because it looks like a cock; a shiny metal cock, at least from my vantage point. There are no fleshy bits poking out. There’s just metal. It works wonders in my brain, which is, naturally, the biggest sex organ.

People ask me how I can stay locked for so long. It’s not an easy answer, because there are many factors, but one reason is that I don’t feel locked. I have a titanium dick and it’s my normal state. I don’t like taking it off. It feels wrong. I like denial, as you know, but when I do get an orgasm; they are some of the best orgasm I have ever had. Chastity changes you. It changes your perception of yourself. Removing my cage is like removing an arm. Something is missing when it’s off. These feelings have only grown with time, and I think that’s why those of us fortunate to be locked long term find it so pleasurable and easy to deal with, because we become something new. We are, as Thumper has said, rewired. Without my titianium shell, I feel different, somehow incomplete, and wrong.

I’m not a fan of those clear plastic cages as, for me, it divorces that feeling of “oneness”. Seeing the fleshy bits is a reminder that I’m in a cage, rather than I am a caged man. They have their uses, but particularly since I’ve been in the anatomic cage, I don’t think of my “dick” as separate from the cage. Oh, there are times when something moves the wrong way or skin gets trapped and I get pinched that take me out of that space, but that is rare. Otherwise I look and stroke that gorgeous Steelwerks device and know that this is who I am, who I’m supposed to be, and who I will always be.

Yours eternally locked,


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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