It’s coming up on the two year anniversary of when Tripp agreed to keep me locked. As of my writing this, it’s been a little over 700 days. I’ve had a number of questions from folks regarding how that came to be, did we plan on locking me indefinitely, and if not, how have things changed.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had a fascination with chastity and with cages for many, many years. I’ve also been with Sir for many years and he shares my fascination. It wasn’t long before Sir placed that first device around my dick. That was a revelation. Sir is as turned on, if not more so, as I am by me being locked. He loves having as much control of His slave as He can. Sir enjoys my suffering. As time went by, I spent more time locked with Sir, and as devices got better, it was easier to do it. At some point, Sir wanted me locked for several days before we would play, which I hesitated about because that would involve Tripp. But Tripp didn’t mind me locked a few days here and there, and that’s where things stood for quite some time. I hid the cage from him though. I went out of my way to make sure he never saw it, which wasn’t that difficult because were weren’t having sex much by that point.

Two years ago next month, after stewing about it for months and many false starts, I finally admitted to Tripp that I wanted to stay in the cage and he said yes immediately. He’s been visiting family and I took that opportunity to lock myself. We sat together the night he got home and discussed how this could work. He saw me in a cage for the first time. He’s seen my cages before, and he’d seen me put boys in them, but he’d never seen me in one. The plan was that I would be locked for a period of time (which wasn’t specified) with releases. Tripp thought it important and that I would need a release. I didn’t know how long he would keep me locked before a release, but I suspected it would be a week or two at the most. I could ask him to release me at any point if I wanted or needed it.

I had started wearing my cage 24/7 while he was away and continued once he was home. The first few weeks were rough. Sleep did not come easily and the cage caused some issues, which I just assumed was part of being locked (I know better now). So I just powered through. Tripp didn’t release me and I didn’t ask. After about 3 weeks I had started to settle in. Our sex life had improved by leaps and bounds. Tripp seeemed to enjoy edging me and the re-kindling of my interest in him sexually. I asked him if he liked me locked. He told me he liked what it did to me.

More weeks passed, and I stayed locked. It was becoming normal for me, and our sex life stayed vibrant. Tripp still answered my question by saying he liked what it did to me. He didn’t seem to be in a rush to unlock me. He didn’t seem to want or need my dick in him and I didn’t want to be released. He did unlock me briefly once, on New Year’s Eve 2018, when he wanted me to fuck him after I had spent quite some time playing with his hole.

Months passed and I still had never been released again. I asked Tripp again if he like me locked. He said he definitely liked me locked, in fact he preferred me locked. It wasn’t about making me happy anymore. At some point we had crossed the Rubicon into new territory. I asked if he was ever going to unlock me. He said he saw no reason to. So that was that. We passed from play to permanent chastity without much fuss. It just happened. I didn’t want to be unlocked and he liked me locked.

I’ve gone from being in a cheap plastic device for a few days here and there for Sir to me being indefinitely locked in a Steelwerks cage that Tripp designed. His initials are engraved on it. It’s his cage and I am thrilled to be locked in it for the rest of my days. It happened organically. There wasn’t a plan, or even a huge desire on Tripp’s part in the beginning. Looking back. I used to be self conscious about the cage. When Sir would lock me, I’d cover it up when I was with Tripp. I’d never let him see me caged. Now I’m self conscious about not being caged. The few times the cage had been off for various reasons, I don’t want him to see my uncaged cock. I’m embarrassed by it. I know I’ve been rewired, but I think Tripp has been too.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. i do not think I have ever commented before, so time I catch up. Thank you for posting so much recently. Although cis-female and not in a relationship, I am fascinated by chastity, for both sexes. Must have something to do with me being asexual.
    I like the insights you share about being locked permanently. I read Thumper, Drew, and now your blog, and it is fascinating how you all came to the same conclusions.

    A thought occurred to me today, you mention that being locked is your future. Have you ever thought about if Tripp is not able to be the main key holder anymore? Have you discussed it? Would you like to share your thoughts about that on the blog?

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