What Happened to Tripp?

Who kidnapped my husband and replaced him with a Dom? I’d like to thank them. Last night was a huge leap forward for chaste-kind.

We started to have sex Wednesday afternoon. Tripp was beating my balls and I was, as usual, incredibly aroused, but we got interrupted. We were supposed to pick back up later that night but it didn’t happen.

Last evening, we did pick back up (okay, I prodded him). There may have been poppers involved (allegedly). After some time of delightful popper fueled ball busting and nipple twisting, Tripp reached into the drawer for the magic wand. It has been a couple of weeks since my last orgasm. I know Tripp cannot not make me come when he gets the wand. He just doesn’t stop when I get close, and even when I tell him, he keeps going. He always has some excuse like “I didn’t realize” or “ you were going to come anyway”. I know he just likes to make me come. The excuses are pretty lame because I do tell him when I’m close and I try and bat the wand away. He also knows I always ask for permission to come (it’s in the rules). Pretty much whenever the wand makes an appearance, I get an orgasm (which is a shame because I love the wand, even when I don’t want to come).

Last night I asked him not to use the wand. It had only been two weeks and I’ve already come this month. I asked him to wait. He asked me how long I wanted to wait. “Weeks?” He asked. I nodded. “A month?” I nodded more vigorously. “Months and months?” He asked. “Yes……Sir” I responded. I meekly asked to wait at least until my birthday. “That’s in December, right?” He replied (it’s in October). So we went from me coming last night to me not coming for at least 3 months or longer. The term “a year” got briefly mentioned.

That got our discussion going. We haven’t talked about our sex life or my caged life in quite some time. We talked about how long I’ve been locked (two years already???). We talked about how this started with Sir as a casual thing and has progressed. We talked about how comfortable it’s gotten. We talked about the last time I came uncaged (I fucked him in 2018). “That was my last uncaged orgasm”, I said. He said “yes, it was”. Wait, what??? Did he just say what I think he said? I got hard. He then told me straight out I wasn’t going to ever be unlocked as he twisted my balls again. I’d assumed that, but that is the first time he’s actually said the words, and meant it. I got harder. He’s told me he prefers me locked, he likes me locked, but he’s never actually said he was going to keep me locked forever. He then told me he was going to milk me regularly. I just about came then and there. I told him I’d do whatever he wanted, and I meant it. These are things I have longed to hear. We all say things in the heat of passion, but this was during the cooling down period. He meant what he said, and I melted. I have dreamed of this for almost two years. This is where I’ve wanted to go when I first asked him to keep me locked. This is my fucking fantasy, except it’s not fantasy anymore. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew Tripp would make me come, or unlock me, or whatever if I asked him. He’s been much more disciplined lately, even as I have grown hornier, and last night he was absolutely serious. I’ve noticed the changes in him over the last month or so.

I told him how much this all excited me (ironic, I know). He told me that he knew that. He’d been paying attention. He knew that this was what I had wanted for some time, but he wasn’t there yet. Now it is what he wants as well. It took almost two years for him to get there, but get there he did.

So we appear to be entering a new chapter in our lives. One where I will likely be calling him “Sir” more often, my dick never comes out of its shell except for maintenance, and I never know when or if I will have another orgasm. I have dreamt of this day. I might still be dreaming. Somebody pinch my nipple.

Me tonight and always


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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