Voiding the Warranty

If you follow my Twitter, you know the pup and I got up to some antics this past weekend. To answer your immediate question, I did not fuck him, however my fist spent a significant amount of time in his boy pussy.

The pup and I hit it off online almost immediately several months ago and we’ve been planning a f2f for some time. It’s been tough with Covid, but we managed. We met and spent a weekend together.

I was dressed in full leather when he arrived. He immediately got on his knees, undid my pants, and sucked on my cage as we had discussed beforehand. Seeing my titanium dick in his mouth was incredible. He sucked my metal cock, taking it all the way in his mouth. Then, because the poor pup had been on the road for hours, I got him some food (so considerate of me….I’m a good Dad), and then locked him in my Steelwerks Tiffany. We spent a few hours getting to know each other. He got my fist for the first time (of many) that evening. Being inside him with my fist was, quite simply, amazing. I’m fairly well known for my fisting skills and seeing the bliss on his face was more than enough for me.

After, as we laid together, I put his hand on my cage. He started playing with my locked cock and balls. Then he started smacking my balls, lightly. “Harder?” He asked. I nodded. “Harder?”, I nodded again. “Harder?” He asked again. I nodded. He picked up my phone which was laying next to me and began using it as a paddle on my balls. I grabbed his collar, pulled him in, and told him I was pretty sure this wasn’t covered by my warranty. He smiled and kept beating my balls with my phone as I got more and more excited. I can’t say I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it, but damn, I just finished paying the phone off!

As we cuddled afterwards, and I dozed off, I kept thinking of what I was going to do to him the next day. He didn’t know what my plans were, and I rather liked that. Keeping him hard in his cage, we eventually fell asleep. I had dreams about him. Dreams I would make real so very, very soon….


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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