I used to think I was a freak. Kinky, yes, but I knew a lot of kink folks. But being locked? I was the only person I knew who was into that, at least back when I started. Clearly, with social media, my feed is filled chock a block with locked cocks, but back in the beginning, I didn’t know anyone else.

My chastity journey started some almost 30 years ago with Jeremy. He was my second real relationship and my first Daddy. We were young, horny, in love, and had sex all the time, I mean multiple times a day more often than not. Orgasm denial or cock cages weren’t even at the back of my mind. I’d never considered the possibility nor even knew about such things.

Jeremy and I had a weekend planned in San Francisco. I’m pretty sure it was Folsom, but I’m not positive. He suggested (well….let’s just say I did as I was told), that I was not allowed to cum for the week leading up to that weekend. Since he pretty much made me cum daily, it was mostly his self restraint and me not jerking off that was all that was required. I did it, and I was really into it. At a visit to one of the many leather and kink emporiums in SF at the time that weekend, I saw my first, primitive, rather poorly made cock cage. It was around $200, which was a LOT of money back then. I mean, that was groceries for at least two months, and about half my rent. But when we saw it, we knew it was meant for me. That was the first time my cock was locked, and it was abso-fucking-lutely amazing. When Jeremy put me in that cage, I was more turned on than I have ever been.

The cage was absolute crap. It pinched, fit poorly, caused all sorts of issues, and couldn’t be worn for long periods of time, and I loved it. I loved it because Jeremy put me in it, and it was our dirty little secret. But it also sparked feelings in me that I didn’t know existed. I also felt like a freak for liking it so much. I mean, clearly I wasn’t alone as these devices were for sale, but they weren’t very well know and it wasn’t a “thing” yet. I didn’t know anyone else who was locked at that time, and even among our most kinky friends, it was quite the topic of discussion and teasing. Seriously, I’m in gear, collared, on a leash, bare assed in chaps in public, and the thing that made me uncomfortable was that my dick was in a cage. Being ridiculously hot, sexy, cute, with long auburn hair and a banging body with a 28 inch waist and a 7 inch cock didn’t hurt….(you didn’t know me then), but still, I felt extremely weird about my new found kink. Even with a caged dick, I got chased around all the time, but I was uncomfortable about it. I didn’t want people to know.

The internet has really changed the world (in many ways, good and very, very bad), but for kink folks, it’s an amazing resource. It’s not whether or not your locked now, it’s who your locked in (Steelwerks couture, 2020). I may be a freak, but I’m in good company with literally thousands of similar freaks. There’s a comfort in that. It’s celebrated, not questioned, and that is a powerful affirmation for me.

I guess the take home lesson is to embrace your kink. The world might not have quite caught up with you, but it probably will. Hell, I might have been a “influencer” if such a thing existed back then! You do you.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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