Tubular, Dude

I’ve got a new cage from Steelwerks. I saw it and loved it and had to have it. Funny how that works with chastity devices. I’ve got a decent collection now. I think I’ve had well over 20 devices over the years. I’ve settled into just a few, but every now and then something catches my eye or satisfies a need I discovered, and the animal brain takes over. I’ve got essentially 4 cages in the current rotation. 3 from the werks and a plastic Cobra for travel.

My original werks was a Tiffany. It was steel and fairly heavy, with a separate tube and cap (which I didn’t love as it was hard to clean without disassembly which required removing multiple tiny screws). Also, I didn’t care for the fact that you could see the fleshy parts within the steel. The nice thing about the newer Steelwerks is that they are essentially modular. Any cage will fit the base ring and therefore it’s easy to have options (easy yes, inexpensive no). I replaced that first cage (which I sold to a happy new owner) with the titanium anatomic cage that I spend most of my time in. Its amazing. It was literally made for my cock. It fits like a titanium glove. It’s supremely comfortable and confining and I love it. It looks like the dick it is locking away, which is honestly the main reason why I decided I also needed a different cage. If it was 3 inches longer, it would be a match for my former erect cock and I have no doubt I could fuck with it (carefully). Sometimes I don’t want to see the contents as a dick. There’s something about a plain tube that screams “device” and “locked” to me. I love my metal cock, but it indeed looks like a metal cock.

The new cage combines what I love about the anatomic cage (sleek, sexy, totally enclosed) with what I liked about the original werks (tubular, clearly a device) in a one piece titanium cage. It looks very much like a device and not like a cock. You can compare them here (NSFW):

The new tube
The Anatomic

As you can see, it’s tightly curved downwards and much more of a tube, which has much less of a bulge and definitely helps when wearing tight pants (a bit of an issue I discovered now that the gear is in use again. I like my breeches tight). There’s no mistaking it for a cock and no way to imagine using it to penetrate anything. It’s neither better nor worse, it’s different. It positions the flesh bits differently, and when the contents are hard, it is definitely less accommodating, which I rather enjoy. It’s more of a prison. Sometimes I just need to see and feel that my former cock is well and truly in a device, and this satisfies those needs nicely. I can’t explain why I need to see it this way at times, but I do. It’s nice to have options. I also like the the owner of my former cock has options for how he wants to not see it. To him, it doesn’t matter so much what I’m locked in, as long as I’m locked (although a belt is in my future) but my brain is part of the equation and he definitely likes what it does to me.

Between these cages, the Schandemask, and the Cobra (which is only ever used for TSA), I think the bases are covered. Chastity isn’t always one thing or one device. Needs and desires change and evolve. I’m sure I may find something else I need/want at some point but I’ll always be locked and there’s no better way to be than #lockedinwerks.


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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